It’s the third chapter of Thor vs. the Shi’ar gods in the latest story arc from writer Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman.

Who ya got? And is it good?

Mighty Thor #17 (Marvel Comics)

So what’s it about? Check out this preview to find out more!

Why does this book matter?

So far, it’s impressively shown Thor going up against gods of incredible power. At the same time Aaron weaves in the awful nature of Old Testament type gods who have no care for the people who pray to them.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Check out that sound effect!

There’s a contest of sorts going on, but it’s on a biblical scale as the Shi’ar gods do what they do best and Thor attempts to stop them. That means she’ll probably lose all the contests, but dammit she’s not going to let these bastards send tidal waves and plagues on innocents just to prove a point. It’s a fantastic set up that’s clever and helps show the true heroic heart of Thor and also allows Aaron and Dauterman to use a bit of montage to show a wide variety of ways these gods torment their believers. Intercut with this is the Asgardians as they rush to aid Thor. The battle is fierce and Aaron shows off a trick they have up their sleeve that will make longtime fans excited.

Tucked away is also a key flashback that sheds light on why this whole ordeal started in the first place; the flashback helps convey a bit of the Shi’ar gods’ pompous nature, but also the complexity of god politics. This scene also helps add a new layer to the conflict that will payoff later.

Dauterman continues to draw spectacular…well everything. There is a lot that goes on in this issue and it must take a real imagination to pull it all off. And he does. From Thor whooping god ass, to Thor saving lives, it’s all very good. The battle scenes are just the right amount of chaotic and the use of blur helps convey the sheer force of these characters. After the letters page there are a few great inked pages by Russell that show off his talents quite nicely too.

Matthew Wilson’s colors continue to impress especially when comments or other space elements are involved. The Shi’ar gods have a cool glow that makes them feel extra powerful and the crackle of lightning mentioned above has a very perfect mix of blues to make the power feel magical.

The sound effect continues to the next page!

It can’t be perfect can it?

I was a little unclear as to why a certain doom is called upon later in the issue. The threat is made earlier on, but how these rules of god-competitions work is a bit of a head scratching affair.

Is It Good?

This is another excellent issue in a story arc that is filled with action and awesome ideas. If you ever needed proof Thor is a god this book is for you.

The Mighty Thor #17
Is It Good?
A fantastic issue with lot's of action, clever ideas, and impressive art
Fantastic art, inks and colors (and blur effects!)
Thor goes toe-to-toe with gods and she's a badass all the way through
Good flashback gives the story a bit more meat
Chaotic battle scenes
The cliffhanger is coming...just because? A little unclear on this one
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