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Haunted Love Vol.1 Review

Filled with pre-code gems, Haunted Love is a must-have collection for fans of vintage Horror comics and horror fiction in general, as well as for those looking to expand their comic book vocabulary. And while I found some of the individual stories to be a bit hit or miss, the overall quality of this collection is quite high.

Haunted Love Vol. 1 (IDW Publishing)

HauntedLoveCover-V1So, what is Haunted Love? From the publisher:

Haunted Love is the unholy spawn of Haunted Horror and Weird Love, the critically acclaimed series by Yoe Books!

More so than just an expertly curated collection of twisted tales, Haunted Love provides an uncensored look into the social and cultural values of 1950’s America, which have since changed dramatically. It’s also important to keep in mind that the comics collected in this book are what gave comic books a ‘bad name’ some sixty years ago. And much like the novels that are on the ‘banned books list,’ there is a whole lot to learn from these comics.


And look, Haunted Love doesn’t just provide great social commentary, it’s also fun to read. Sure, the artwork–and writing style for that matter–is rather dated, but frankly, that’s what makes these stories so great. I mean, come on, when was the last time that you opened a comic book and were greeted by a line like, “This is your host, DR. DEATH.” Or, when was the last time that you read a story named something like, “The Curse of the Fire-Bird,” or, “Bride of the Crab.” It’s been a while, right? I know it has for me, and while reading through this collection, I couldn’t find the strength to peel myself away from the pages and ended up reading the collection in a single sitting.

Haunted Love is a must-have for fans of Horror comics, and I also recommend it to those who are looking for something different.

Haunted Love Vol. 1
Is it good?
Haunted Love is a great collection for fans of Horror comics, and it provides some interesting insight into 1950's America. Definitely pick this one up.
Provides insight into 1950's America
This is a great collection of pre-Code Horror Comics
Some of the stories hit, while others miss
The artwork and writing is a bit dated, but that's part of the book's charm
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