HAUNTED BY SPECTERS OF THE PAST! Trying to rebuild her own life and law career, JENNIFER WALTERS is determined to help her newest client, MAISE BREWN, a woman on the verge of eviction and a massive nervous meltdown. Once an outgoing yoga instructor, a brutal attack changed Maise’s life forever. Now a reclusive shut-in, Maise wants Jen’s help…More than that, she wants a promise, that Jen will help her keep her home. And if Jen can’t, Maise has another plan, a menacing force of her own. What happens when a fear is so strong, it becomes a destructive force in its own right? Jen is about to find out.

Hulk #4

HULK2016004_int_LR3 2

Written by: Mariko Tamaki
Art by: Nico Leon
Cover by: Jeff Dekal
Page Count: 22 Pages
Print Release Date: March 22 2017
Age Rating: 12+ Only


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