It seems like new mystery boxes–or loot crates–pop up every other day. And why wouldn’t they? Who doesn’t like presents?! These boxes allow people to get a little something from themselves, but be totally surprised by the results. We recently took up an offer from Mezco Toys we couldn’t refuse. For $50 dollars, we get a surprise that’s guaranteed to be worth over $100 dollars. Check out our unboxing below to find out what we got!

Mezco Toys Mystery Box
All in all the value is high. I wasn't expecting a Frankenstein doorway, but it's a great value and I'm sure I can figure out a way to incorporate this with the action figures I already have.
For $50 I got over $100 worth of stuff
The poster and keychains added a bit to the overall value
The doorway is high quality, sturdy, and well detailed
I didn't necessarily want a doorway (I was expecting an action figure of some sort)

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  • truth_giver

    I ordered 2, the first I got the doorway, the second sucked! I got 24 pictured doll cards, 2 of each, that went together to create a Big pic of the new line of 5 dolls, a sheet of stamps, the same 2 Keychains I got in first box and the same mortal kombat figure I got in last month’s mystery box. Guess they have a bunch of the 5″ quan chi character figures.
    As for doorway, it isn’t really a deal if you think about it, you have to buy the frankenstein to complete set. Plus 25 shipping actually makes box 75,I paid 150 for 2 boxes. Second box really downgraded total value.

    • David Brooke

      That stinks they sent you the same Mortal Kombat toy! You’d think they’d check your history so they wouldn’t send you a duplicate! Bummer dude!