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Postal #19 Review

Despite my repeated/shouted warnings, Mark finally succumbed to Molly’s seductive wiles. Can’t say I blame the guy, but I’m guessing that it won’t turn out well. Meanwhile, Agent Bremble finally gets some face time with the scariest Mr. Oz of all.

Postal #19 (Image Comics)


  • Even if Isaac Shiffron turns out to be wholly unlikable, that beard and walking stick combo is all types of cool.
  • shakes head Oh, Mark….
  • Holy crap. Talk about a script flip.
  • Molly’s dogged determination to manipulate Mark is both horrifying and strangely admirable.
  • Never trust a man who sits on a handmade throne of sticks and asks you to “uncoil yourself.”
  • Playing chess with Mark has got to be demoralizing.
  • Good lord. Mark’s balls = MADE OF STEEL.
  • “I don’t want to play with my food.”

The Verdict

Going into this issue, the most anticipated reveal for me was Isaac Shiffron and his meeting with Bremble. From an aesthetic standpoint, artist Isaac Goodhart makes the man live up to his very large billing. Despite not having any sort of supernatural component (that we know of), his presence and stature is almost otherworldly.

Unfortunately, the net result of his confrontation with the FBI agent is a lot of posturing followed by a somewhat intriguing proposition. It was all very well written, but it doesn’t feel like we learn very much beyond what we’ve already known and suspected.

The true brilliance of this issue is once again found in Mark’s actions. In the opening pages, he quickly repositions himself from a seduced pawn into someone whose ability to manipulate and compartmentalize his emotions rivals even a sociopath like Molly.

Later, when he and his mother are assaulted by a faction opposing his leadership, Mark handles the armed insurrection in a way that is both surprising and awesome. It might be the best scene that Bryan Hill has ever written in a series that’s chock full of brilliant moments. Not only does Mark prove himself as a strong leader, but he does it by demonstrating aspects of both his mother and father, bringing one of Postal’s major themes to the fore.

Add in a major surprise about one of the people involved with the uprising (which made me sad) along with how Mark handled/reacted to that person’s presence (with made me nervous), and you’ve got an issue that’s real a thrill to read despite a lack of physical action…

…and you’ve also got Shiffron’s glorious beard, which is a sight to behold no matter what you think of the man.


Postal #19
Is it good?
Despite a lack of physical action, Mark's actions as mayor of Eden provide one of Postal's most thrilling issues to date.
Mark's ability to manipulate and compartmentalize his emotions rival even a sociopath like Molly.
Mark's balls are made of steel.
Isaac Shiffron's beard is glorious...
...I just wish we got to learn a little more about him.
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