What if when you first walked into the office of the President of the United States of America you found a letter addressed to you. You’ve just been sworn in, and a letter to Number 44 is on your desk, for your eyes only. A tradition of sorts that stretches back for years, president to president.

This letter is different.

This letter is not some college graduation like speech detailing the hard road ahead, and the many pitfalls that might happen to a presidential administration. This letter is telling you that the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military spending, the lies to the American public, all of it on your predecessor’s watch, was all put into place because there is a greater threat.

It is intelligent.

It is alien.

It is in the asteroid belt, and it’s building something.

Welcome to the White House, Mr. President.

This is the world of Letter 44.

Letter 44 Vol. 1: Square One Edition (Oni Press)

Jesus H, that is a super hot lead-in to a story, right? They hit you with that business on page 3. PAGE THREE. This volume is 160 something pages long!

The only hopeful bit of info? The previous president, now widely derided in the press and by the American people, did more than just create unwinnable wars to train combat veterans. He also built a ship in orbit, staffed it with scientists, and sent them off to investigate this alien structure.

The narrative jumps back and forth between the president and the ship, both dealing with life and death challenges. The president is trying to set his agenda and deal with the world with this huge secret hanging over him–and many others in the government are not going to let him derail their well laid plans.

The ship has problems all on its own, but oddly enough seems to be a much calmer and safe environment…except for the deadly aliens of course.

This was a bit of a wild ride. I knew nothing about it walking in, and it was a great hook. What if a terrible president did all he did to save the world? What if scientists potentially sacrificed themselves to learn why? I need to know how this spirals out from here, as it feels as though the incidents leading up to the election have pulled a thread, and the whole US is unravelling. Great read.

Letter 44 Vol. 1: Square One Edition
A dangerous mission, a President beseiged - this one is House of Cards meets 2001
This book scratched an itch I didn't know I had - where political intrigue and backroom deals meets space exploration and deadly alien construction. Give this a try.
Split narrative gives us two sides of a very complex story --great device to move readers along
What if a president had to react to a threat, that he/she couldn't tell the public about? What do you sacrifice?
The art style works for this book, but it's not my favorite - all exaggerated faces and strange elongated torsos.
Popcorn and page turning - at a fast and furious pace
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