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Old Man Logan #20 Review

If you’re a monthly Marvel reader, it’s likely you’ve seen the ads for writer Jeff Lemire’s final Old Man Logan story arc, Past Lives. Well, with Old Man Logan #20 – the conclusion to Gone Real Bad – you find out how we get there.

Old Man Logan #20 (Marvel Comics)

Logan is desperate to get back to the dark future he came from so he can snatch the Hulk baby he abandoned and bring the green toddler back to the present. Under Logan’s care, the hope is the baby won’t grow up to be Marvel’s next major villain (though Hasbro would probably like that).

The problem was, no one would help send Logan through time, so he had to turn to Asmodeus, a mystical Avengers adversary who’s been locked up in The Raft.

It’s an interesting story that highlights how far Logan is willing to go to complete his mission. Wolverine has always operated in morally gray territory, and here, we see his older counterpart plays by the same rules. From stealing from Doctor Strange to pissing off Miles Morales’ Spider-Man, Old Man Logan isn’t too worried about hurt feelings.

I wasn’t familiar with Asmodeus before Old Man Logan #19, and I’m assuming many readers weren’t either. This provides Lemire an opportunity to have a little fun at the character’s expense – specifically with the villain’s New Jersey storage locker. Doctor Doom, he is not.Overall, the past two issues of this series have been on the lighter side – serving more as a bridge to get readers from the Return to the Wastelands arc (which sparked the baby Hulk subplot) to Past Lives. But based on the final pages of this issue, it looks as though Lemire is ready to add a new chapter to Logan’s epic comic book history.

Filipe Andrade returns to handle art duties. His style – a mix of the gritty and cartoony – is a good fit for a story about a Wolverine from a bleak future teaming up with a supervillain from Marvel’s colorful past.

Think of Old Man Logan #19 and #20 as appetizers ahead of what will hopefully be a solid meal. It won’t fill you up, but it also won’t send you home before the main course arrives.

And now I’m hungry.

Old Man Logan #20
Old Man Logan enjoys a good old-fashioned supervillain team-up!
Jeff Lemire injects some fun into the story via Asmodeus
Looks to be setting up a great final arc
It's a fun story, but not a lot of meat to it.
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