Throughout the years, Wolverine and The Punisher have had it out in some interesting places, and have traded blows amid some odd circumstances. At times, there were dinosaurs, and at others, there were Nazis. Together, the two have slain mutant-eating monsters and they’ve even wrangled a small army comprised of small people… But regardless of why, when, or where Wolverine and the Punisher are battling, the two know how to put on one hell of a show.

Wolverine vs. The Punisher (Marvel Comics)

From the Marvel solicit:

Which are better, claws or guns? Find out in this brutal collection of Wolverine/Punisher fights – and grudging team-ups! From their first throw down in the heart of Africa, there’s no love lost between two stone-cold killers whose combined body count is off the charts! They’ll take on the Punisher’s cyborg doppelganger Damage, go to war with the Architect, and head underground for a revelatory mission! They’ll rumble in the jungle, melee in Madripoor, and battle a literally small army! But nothing can top the sublime violence Garth Ennis’ Punisher visits on his sparring partner -except maybe Logan’s swift revenge! Snikt! Snikt! Bang! Bang!”

Collecting Punisher War Journal (1988) #6-7, Wolverine/Punisher: Damaging Evidence #1-3, Punisher War Zone (1992) 19, Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation 1-4, Punisher (2001) 16-17, Wolverine (1988) 186, Wolverine/Punisher (2004) #1-5, and Astonishing Tales: Wolverine/Punisher #1-6, Wolverine vs. The Punisher is a brutal, action-packed ride that is sure to thrill even the most blood-thirsty of Marvel fans.

Aside from the highly-entertaining comics found throughout Wolverine vs. The Punisher, it is quite interesting to see how Marvel comic books have evolved over the years. Covering around twenty years’ worth of Wolverine/Punisher stories, this collection not only serves as a good ‘sign of the times,’ but it also provides insight into some of the creative choices that writers and artists have made when it came time to revitalize/reinvent both Wolverine and the Punisher for their series.Picking an issue out of this collection and calling it my favorite is quite difficult because while I did prefer reading some more than others, as a whole, Wolverine vs. The Punisher works very well. Whether you are a fan of Wolverine, the Punisher, or comics that are a bit more on the violent end of the spectrum, I recommend that you pick this gem up.

Wolverine vs. The Punisher
Is it Good?
A solid collection of Wolverine/Punisher fights that is sure to please fans.
More than enough ass-kickery to quench your bloodthirst
Great insight into how both characters have changed throughout the years
Every comic in this collection isn't too great, but as a whole they all work
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