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Motor Crush #5 Review

Motor Crush finishes its first arc this week and there probably couldn’t be more insanity going on in the series at this point. Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart and Babs Tarr may have one of the most fast paced and interesting series on the shelves which seems to only get crazier as issues go on. We review issue #5–is it good?

Motor Crush #5 (Image Comics)

So what’s it about? The official summary reads:

END OF STORY ARC. END OF VOLUME 1. Domino is forced to make impossible choices and everything falls apart.

Why does this book matter?

Visually stimulating and a lot of fun, the creative team has carved a fun and relatable character out of Domino and yet she doesn’t even know herself. The character is being put into a corner, which is the best way to squeeze the most drama out of a series.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?


This issue opens with yet more flashbacks fleshing out the flashbacks from the last issue. Well, more or less. You may not get all the answers in this issue, but we get enough to understand what Domino might be. The creative team thrusts the reader through the flashback which has some painful events occur and then kicks us to where the last issue ended. Domino’s dad loves her so damn much he’s willing to throw it all away for her. The character writing for him and Domino’s ex-girlfriend have paid off, as you feel their love for her even when their lives are directly threatened here.

This issue also has one wicked sequence to end the book. Things get trippy, to the point where the visuals kick off the climax in epic fashion. There’s a 3D double page layout that’s magnificent and takes Domino to a place that feels otherworldly and wild. It’s an exciting moment you’ll want to see more of next issue. Leading to this is another encounter with the mysterious black rider who continues to be quite mysterious. It’s nice that the creators called out the obtuse nature of the character as it’s certainly annoying they don’t just come out and tell us what the deal is with Domino.

Pyramids are the enemy!

It can’t be perfect can it?

I was somewhat confused by what Domino needed to do to save her father. A claim is made in how to do it, but then that doesn’t actually occur. I suppose Domino would have failed given the order? I’m keeping this vague to avoid spoilers, but there’s a moment before the comic goes super trippy that had me somewhat confused.

Splitting this issue between flashback and current events does make for less progress in the now part of the story. I was satisfied by the end, but it seemed like it was compressed a tad more than it needed to be.

Is It Good?

An excellent last issue in a story arc that’s been fast paced and exciting stuff. Motor Crush is an action packed acid trip of a mystery you shouldn’t miss.

Motor Crush #5
Is It Good?
A great issue due to the trippy art and wild revelations. I want #6 now!
Excellent art with a double page layout near the end everyone should see
Domino's past and future collide in surprising ways
A tad confused with what the villain wanted Domino to do there...
Splitting it between flashback and the now slows the progress of the now quite a bit
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