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Copperhead #12 Review

The mayor is dead. Boo is now the interim mayor. Neither of these things bode well for Clara.

Copperhead #12 (Image Comics)


  • Dude is going to have to drink a lot more than that to make it through this autopsy.
  • I don’t like Mayor Boo so far.
  • You know who I like even less? This ex-boyfriend Ford dude.
  • At least Artie hasn’t turned into a complete tool yet.
  • Speaking of tools, that was a way-too-brief and disjointed check in on Clara’s ex-husband.
  • Ford + Boo = Quite possibly the worst scene in the entire series.

The Verdict

Ugh. What is happening to one of my favorite books?

Between Boo developing into a complete a-----e and the excruciatingly drawn out subplot involving Zeke’s father, it’s amazing that a character like Ford even makes an impact. But the guy is so unlikable (and not in a good way) that every moment he’s on the page—and every time Clara inexplicably allows him to be in her orbit—is a chore to read.

Add in Clara’s incredibly dumb decision to end the issue, and it’s almost as if Copperhead isn’t being written by the same Jay Faerber who I’ve always enjoyed. Maybe he’s going somewhere with all this that will knock my socks off, but as of right now, the mayor murder mystery is buried under a dust storm of bad character development and tedious interactions.

About the only saving grace to be found in Copperhead #12 was the fantastic opening autopsy scene, which artist Drew Moss did an incredible job on. Otherwise, this book has dropped from my must-read pile to the potential chopping block. Let’s hope next month’s installment brings it back to form.

Copperhead #12 Review
Is It Good?
The mayor murder mystery has been effectively buried under a dust storm of bad character development and tedious interactions.
Drew Moss does a fantastic job on the opening autopsy scene.
Ford is a supremely unlikable character--and not in a good way.
Boo has gone from an intriguing foil to a complete a-----e.
The subplot with Zeke's father has been drawn out for far too long.
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