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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #6 Review

Given the ancient Jedi history and wickedly original archeological angle of this series, everyone should dig it–longtime fan and newbie alike. We review the last issue of the first story arc of Doctor Aphra–is it good?

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #6 (Marvel Comics)

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Why does this book matter?

Kieron Gillen has written a good series so far with clever details for super fans to salivate and chew on. After leaving Yavin 4 (yes that Yavin 4) the characters are now on a mysterious rock floating in space that once was a place Jedi lived. Cool! Unfortunately for the heroes what’s left of inhabitants want them dead, which only adds to the threat level as the Empire forces are after them too.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Captain Tolvan is another new character you’ll want to see more of.

This issue reveals what happened to get the spirits of Jedi into robots as Aphra implores one to give them the details. In a single page, Kev Walker draws a compelling flashback sequence that helps show how the Jedi weren’t always so morally pure. That gives the reader enough lore to enjoy so as to kick the pace into high gear for an action packed escape. The characters may be trapped, but they’re also smart, which allows Gillen to showcase Aphra’s resolve. She also gets to be a total badass with a lightsaber! As the issue progresses, it appears the Empire leader is being groomed for future stories with an interesting dynamic between her and Aphra teased. The father/daughter relationship seems to blossom a bit too due to the actions in this issue.

Walker’s pencils are sharp and he designed quite a creepy robot/spirit enemy for Aphra and her father to run away from. Costumes and aliens look spot on too and I dig the somewhat cartoony style he gives to the characters’ faces. You also can’t beat an Aphra in a classic black leather jacket! In a scene later in the issue, Walker does well to capture the chaotic nature of Star Wars bars as well.

Speaking of the bar, the seedy characters that inhabit such a place remind the reader this book is more about morally ambiguous characters–from Black Krrsantan stealing her ship and leaving her to die to Aphra seemingly doing the right thing, but still looking out for herself. It’d be easy to make Aphra a total good guy and it’s a nice touch to keep her on that edge of good and bad.

A good flashback.

It can’t be perfect can it?

In the great escape, Aphra befriends the Empire so as to save her butt, but the choice to do so seems more because she likes Captain Tolvan. The fact that all the Stormtroopers end up dead, and Tolvan doesn’t even care, is also somewhat strange. This sequence of events happens fast, but ends up feeling clunky.

Is It Good?

A solid conclusion to the first arc that fleshes out Jedi history, shows how Aphra isn’t the super good guy most heroes are, and sets up an Empire character you’ll want to see more of.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #6
Is It Good?
A solid conclusion that reveals new details about the Jedi Star Wars fans won't want to miss.
Art is solid, especially with robots and tech
A nice wrinkle to the Aphra and Tolvan relationship
The immoral nature of Aphra and her supporting characters is nicely shown
The escape is somewhat clunky and it's strange Aphra wants to save Empire folks at all
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