When you see Natasha Romanoff on the big screen standing next to power houses like the Hulk, and Thor, she seems to fade a bit. Like Hawkeye and Falcon, she’s a normal human standing toe to toe with gods and monsters, and it really points out her shortcomings.

Black Widow Vol. 2: No More Secrets
Writer: Mark Waid and Chris Samnee
Artist: Chris Samnee
Publisher: Marvel

In No More Secrets, we see Black Widow the way she’s meant to be written: as a spy, secretive, behind enemy lines, and using precision to take out threats.

This was a surprisingly fun read, especially for someone that has never given Widow a second look.

The plot is pretty standard spycraft: someone wronged by Natasha years ago wants revenge, Natasha wants to shut down the school that trained her, and there are about 10 super spy little girls out for blood that she has to stop.

It reads like a James Bond novel, and it made me really notice the disservice the Marvel movies have done with Widow in direct comparison to the Netflix shows. You don’t put James Bond at the front of a battlefield with a machine gun. He’s a tuned instrument, and so is Widow. With a secret and subtle grace, she can destroy a battle before it starts.

Art wise, this is again a heavy, shadow spy novel feel, with great out in the open shots as spies are revealed. But like a spy novel, it knows enough to keep things hectic and hidden and lets the plot unwind on its own merits.

Like I said above, I’ve never been a Widow fan. She was a sex symbol/Cold War icon when I was first reading comics, and I had no idea she had become such a complex character.

This was excellent. I suggest picking it up.

Black Widow Vol. 2: No More Secrets
Is it good?
A great (if rote) spy novel, with a tough female lead, and drawn like I imagine Le Carre thinks? Good read.
Spy novels are a fun ride, and adding visuals and slight super powers to the mix makes it even cooler.
Widow is in her element: street level, not fighting human explosions, using her brain.
This isn't breaking any new ground, and the addition of Bucky feels romance subplot for the sake of making Natasha a STRONG WOMAN DON'T NEED NO MAN. Other than that, it's great.