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Rick and Morty #25 Review

We are at the historic 25th issue of Rick and Morty which calls for a celebration. Or, you know, a good freaking comic; Kyle Starks writes and draws the main story with Marc Ellerby on backup per usual.

Rick and Morty #25
Writer: Kyle Starks, Marc Ellerby
Artist: Kyle Starks, Marc Ellerby
Publisher: Oni Press

So what’s it about?

Read our full preview.

Why does this book matter?

If you asked me, Kyle Starks has been putting out hilarious story after hilarious story in this series and I hope he never stops. He’s drawing this issue, which is a nice treat since doesn’t always do that. Just read our interview with him to learn more about his greatness. Oh, and the backup artist ain’t bad either. Read our interview with him (and the other creatives behind this great series) too!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Starks opens this issue with a clever concept of a magic (or is it science?) button that shows your cool rating. Obviously Morty’s number is low and Rick’s very high, which ends up being a fun element that carries forward in the story. Morty just wants a new shirt, but nobody will help him get one. Enter Tiny Rick. Yep, the fan favorite is back and he’s just as loud and positive as ever. Starks weaves this fun lil-character into the story well, with a surprise twist that’s fitting for this series. Let’s just say it’s a dark twist. The cool meter ends up paying off later too in a funny adventure you gotta read.

A fun concept.

Starks’ art is a bit rougher than we might be accustomed to, especially on this series which is typically a carbon copy of the cartoon. While it’s not a copy in the slightest, it still harbors good comedic timing and makes the story feel darker in tone.

Marc Ellerby’s story ends up being funnier than the main story which focuses on Jerry going on an adventure all his own. Part of the reason this story made me laugh so hard was the swearing, which is hidden via symbols, but still comes off clearly. The backup ends up having a surprise twist of sorts too which further proves Rick is totally awesome and everyone else pales in comparison. Plus it has butts. Can’t lose!

He always brings the fun!

It can’t be perfect can it?

As I alluded to above, the main story isn’t quite funny so much as clever and fun. The cool meter is a great touch, and Tiny Rick is a delight, but I wasn’t laughing out loud like I was with the backup. That said, it hits many of the hallmarks of the show.

Is It Good?

This is a can’t-miss issue for fans of the show thanks to Tiny Rick and plenty of laughs. The great thing about this series is the backups, which tend to always bring big laughs due to Marc Ellerby’s art and humor. Get this one!

Rick and Morty #25
Is It Good?
This is another great issue, with a fun main story and a hilarious backup. Tiny Rick 4 life!
Gotta love Tiny Rick entering this series!
The backup made me laugh out loud more than once
Clever ideas in the main story
The main story wasn't as funny as some may like!

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