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Dragon Ball Super: Episode 7 “How Dare You Do That to my Bulma! Vegeta’s Metamorphosis of Fury?” Review

It appears that after everything, Beerus has finally flipped his lid. Is there any stopping him from destroying the Earth? (Well clearly there must be, but I’m going for suspense here.)

Battle of Gods arc – Episode 7/14

After Buu gets flung into the ocean, Vegeta tries to calm Beerus. The rest of the party is starting to get the hint as to who Beerus is, since Vegeta and Dende are both scared, but even Dende doesn’t know who he is. Buu reappears out of the water to defeat his nemesis while Whis gets a “to-go” order. (Before the Earth’s imminent destruction of course. Why leave without a tasty snack?) After Buu gets knocked down again, Goten and Trunks join in the “fun” by fusing into Gotenks.

While attacking Beerus, Gotenks gives out the information of the dragon balls, of which Beerus doesn’t seem to care since it’s not food. He quickly dispatches Gotenks with some disciplinary slaps to the wrist and a flick to the forehead. Piccolo, Android 18, and Tien then join in the fight, trying to take on Beerus together.

They are also quickly dispersed with just a force push. Whis, meanwhile is sampling sushi for his to-go meal.

Whis is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with his flippant attitude towards everyone, especially Beerus. Whis’ agenda is tipped a little here, postponing Beerus’ destruction of Earth while the to-go order is prepared. Whis is purposely trying to save the Earth, but to what end could he accomplish this?

Buu returns angrier than ever and is still is not able to even land a hand on Beerus. Chi-chi then chastises Krillen about not fighting, who admits to hanging up his fighting gloves a long time ago. While Buu is being beaten, Dende finally realizes that Beerus is a “deity”, although since Dende is essentially a god himself, should he have already known this?

Another person who has given up his fighting gloves, Gohan, jumps into the ring, just to be knocked down in one blow, as Beerus uses Buu as a baseball bat.

Beerus is getting tired of waiting as Vegeta steps up to the ring. He is again frozen in place as before. With one flick of his finger Beerus throws Vegeta to the ground then stomps on his head.

Beerus then chastises Vegeta about his weaknesses and how he is just like his father, “weaklings pretending to rule from imaginary thrones”. Beerus gives up waiting and decides to destroy the Earth, prompting Bulma takes things into her own hands. She goes over and slaps the God of Destruction for ruining her birthday party. For this affront, Beerus backhands Bulma, sending her across the boat.

Finally getting to the part of the episode mentioned in the title of the episode (only 20 minutes in to a 22 minute episode), Vegeta goes off the deep end now as well. A race that is fueled by rage, the Saiyans always get stronger when pushed to their limits. Vegeta takes this attack and pushes himself further than ever before.

The new level of power shocks everyone, except Whis. Beerus even appears to be mildly surprised. And in traditional Dragon Ball fashion, we are left wondering what will happen next as the episode ends.

Battle of Gods Movie Link

Battle of Gods to Super Time Correlation: ~56 minutes 40 seconds to ~1 hour 1 minute.

The battle takes place in the movie much as it does in the episode. The individual moves are different, but all the characters are the same. Buu, Tien, Android 18, Piccolo, Gohan, and Gotenks all get into the fight, just to be taken quickly out. Vegeta calls out Beerus, and gets pummeled. In the movie, it seems that Beerus doesn’t have the ability to freeze Vegeta’s movements, since he never uses it.

After everything, Bulma steps in like in the episode and gets immediately slapped down, in a much more violent showing of the slap than in the episode (I feel), sending Vegeta into a rage.

So, like many of the previous episodes, this one plays out almost exactly like the movie, only drawn out a bit more.

Episode Thoughts and Feelings

We are starting to get the buildup now to the final confrontation with Beerus. Unfortunately most of the Z-gang is essentially useless due to Beerus’ impossibly high strength compared to all of their power, so it’s mostly a waiting game at this point. We still have no answers on what is a Super Saiyan God, and that question actually feels like it’s been tossed aside for right now in order to find a way to save the Earth. Even though I’m not usually a fan of the filler episodes, this episode in no way feels like filler. We are getting somewhere now. I feel like we are actually moving along a trajectory and I’m enjoying the buildup.

A couple of random thoughts about the episode. I find it weird how Beerus only uses his freezing trick on Vegeta. I wonder if there is something special about Vegeta that lends Beerus the ability to do that. Why not do it on the other fighters? Or is this some method that Beerus does to exert his dominance over the rulers of the Saiyans? Perhaps there is something deeper there.

One of the problems with the Dragon Ball series in general is the lack of physically strong female characters. All the female fighters have fallen off eventually. Chi-chi easily is outclassed now, Videl doesn’t fight, and even Android 18 stopped fighting for the most part (except for this episode). It’s up to Bulma, a character who has never been a physical fighter ever in the entire series to stand up to Beerus. But even she gets backhanded. It’s hard to justify this flippant, and sometimes just disrespectful, attitude by the writers towards the female characters. I think they try to make up for it by Vegeta’s “revenge” for his beloved, but it would be nice if they could hold their own and not need a “man’s help”.

But outside of all that–Vegeta, you gotta love him. I’ve said it before, he is a good person for Bulma. They are both strong characters in their own rights, and they definitely are good fits for each other. This episode shows that Vegeta truly loves her, despite his disgruntled attitude towards her at times.

So … did you like Episode 7 of Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts below!

How Dare You Do That to my Bulma! Vegeta’s Metamorphosis of Fury?

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