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In the conclusion to the team’s first arc, Carol must make a terrible choice. Is it good?

The Mighty Captain Marvel #4
Writer: Margaret Stohl
Artist: Brent Schoonover, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Picking up from the last issue, turns out that Carol didn’t actually kill MIM, who emerges from the battle and snatches Bean. In the process, Carol’s strange energy surges again, causing her to destroy large sections of the station until she can be restrained. She won’t give up on Bean, and breaks out and heads towards a final confrontation to try and save her and all the Hala children.

And the arc ends, not with a boom but with a whimper. I think I tried for the first three issues to try and find the something good, but man, I just can’t. This book is bad. Almost worse, it’s not so bad it’s funny, it’s just depressingly mediocre. And that’s a big problem for a character with a tentpole film coming out next year.

Let’s be honest, this isn’t a new problem for Marvel. This isn’t the first character the editors have handed to an inadequate team, and this isn’t the first amateur writer assigned to Captain Marvel. It just baffles me, because yes, following the strong relaunch that Kelly Sue Deconnick headed was always going to be difficult, and not just for the devoted fan following that she got. Her work earned that attention because it was legitimately great writing and character development. So why do the Marvel editors keep putting newbie writers on what should be a major character?

I feel a little bad for being so harsh on Margaret Stohl, because I read her YA book Beautiful Creatures and enjoyed it. However, her style, especially the first person narration with lots of internal dialog, works fine in a novel but kills the pace of a comic. And nothing can excuse the ending of this arc–it was not only cliche, but so poorly executed that it came off as cheesy rather than emotional.


But the blame doesn’t fall just on the writing. A lot of her quirks could have been solved by better art, but there is some truly fugly art over these four issues. Somehow three different artists worked on this book and it might be the weakest of the four issues. Take that page above–as Carol crashes (or crssshes) through the wall, she looks like a vampire from Buffy. The line work is super thick and any detail is sketchy at best. At least in this issue, Carol’s proportions make sense and she doesn’t look like she was stretched in a taffy machine from Willy Wonka.

At this point, the Marvel Universe films don’t really tie into the comics, though I’m sure they give them a boost. But with a character that not many people know, I hate to have fans who want a little foreknowledge to pick up this book and judge her on it. Carol deserves better and so does the Carol Corps.

The Mighty Captain Marvel #4
Is it good?
Carol deserves better and so does the Carol Corps.
The arc wrapped up neatly.
The ending of the arc was cliche and cheesy.
The art was particularly unimpressive in this issue.
I'm very concerned with this book getting such a push from Marvel with such lackluster writing and art. Carol has a movie coming out in 2018 - this book isn't going to convince new fans.

  • Shiva

    I started collecting this series because the villain called Carol Danvers in Civil War 2 intrigued me. She has fascist and militaristic inclinations. THAT is who she is. Why has none of that been addressed. She goes from INTENTIONALLY killing Tony Stark (and YES, she INTENDED too kill him—- that is OBVIOUS in CW2) to participating in reality TV to fund the military and involving herself in an alien immigration narrative? When a writer ignores continuity of character I drop the title. Guess what? I’m dropping this title. Why a writer would ignore the most significant character deviation of CW2 and proceed as if it never happened is ridiculous. And the whole Tony Stark hologram crap only reminds me of how she murdered Tony in the first place and she does not seem to give a damn. So that confirms it. Carol is a villain. Because only villains kill and don’t care they killed.
    But Carol did not actually succeed in killing Tony, right? But she intended it and that is the same thing when you are claiming to be a hero. And she does not address it. She is not struggling with it. She has not been held accountable for her murderous callous and fascist actions. She has not admitted she was wrong and resigned. She is the villain in her story and the writer is ignoring this FACT. NOTHING can change this FACT unless Kobic wants to rewrite reality. AGAIN. The fact that Carol’s moral failure is being ignored proves that all of CW2 was a BS story and publicity stunt. Marvel expects that having a new writer attempt to place lipstick on this pig will force us to ignore the smell. Not gonna happen.

    I’m out.

    • Anime sucks LOL

      Hey uhhhhhhhh just so you know, Civil War II does a horrendous job of representing Danvers. Like, if there was a single story that wasn’t true to her character, CWII would be it. A better representation of her would be New Avengers and the first solo C

      • truth

        Honestly, you would get a better representation in any or her solo book or the Ultimates or most books not written by Bendis. Marvel really needs to keep him far away from Carol as they can since its been clear for a long while he doesn’t care about her you only need to read Civil war II to see that. He didn’t treat her all that well in New Avengers either.