In the odd-numbered issues of Wonder Woman, writer Greg Rucka and artist Liam Sharp are exploring Diana’s present, which is quickly colliding with the past in the even issues. In the fourth part of "The Truth," Veronica Cale and Diana get what they want, but are surprised by what they find when an apparent door to Themyscira opens up.

Wonder Woman #21
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Liam Sharp
Publisher: DC Comics

Here’s the official synopsis of the issue from DC:

“The Truth” part four! As the reality of Themyscira is revealed, Wonder Woman is forced to make a decision: defy the will of the gods or betray her Amazon sisters to Godwatch!

Issue 19 ended with Diana getting shot, but you didn’t think a single bullet could knock Wonder Woman down did you? "The Truth" Part Four opens with Diana shaking that bullet off and helping Steve Trevor survive Colonel Maru and Team Poison’s attack.

Beautifully illustrated, wordless panels bring the fight to life, thanks to Sharp’s detailed work. There’s a beautifully cinematic sequence where Wonder Woman jumps onto a car that’s one of the many highlights in the book. He also gets to draw a really gruesome moment where Cheetah puts her thumb into Wonder Woman’s bullet wound.

‘Tis but a flesh wound!

As I wrote in the Wonder Woman #20 review, the art for this series by Sharp, Bilquis Evely in the current "Godwatch" story and Nicola Scott for "Year One" has been astounding. Unlike the other DC bi-weeklies, it’s clear that these artists have extra time to work on their art, since they’re doing half the pages Patrick Gleason does on Superman or David Finch recently did on Batman in a month. (That’s not saying that their work isn’t great, too. I have no idea how these artists can keep up the pace.)

Wonder Woman needs to do this in the movie.

In the story, Rucka finally brings all the characters together, taking them right up to the door of Themyscira and pushing the gas on "The Truth." The story started slow, with Diana sidelined in a mental hospital, but now that she’s back on the battlefield, things are not slowing down. It’s also joining up with the "Godwatch" story, as we see that Veronica Cale’s daughter still doesn’t have her face.

Overall, Wonder Woman #21 is a quicker read than many other recent issues of the series, but it’s just as important. Rucka gives Sharp a chance to go wild with full-page art depicting a version of Themyscira we haven’t seen before. Without spoiling it, the whole journey to Themyscira reminds me of the search for the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Just because you’ve reached your goal doesn’t mean you get to enjoy it.

Wonder Woman #21 Review
It is Good?
The Truth begins to overcome its slow start, throwing Wonder Woman back into the action in #21.
The action brings out some great work from Sharp.
It's an action-packed issue that makes up for Diana's time locked up in a hospital.
Not too many negatives here, unless the sight of someone sticking a finger in a flesh wound makes you squeamish.

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