Medieval times is always an intriguing subject, whether you choose to watch it on television or read it in history or fiction. Something about a time before cars, automatic weapons and even electricity always makes you think about how it must have been to live in that particular era. Or more importantly, how to survive.

Pestilence #1
Writer: Frank Tieri
Artist: Oleg Okunev
Publisher: Aftershock Comics

In this brand new series Pestilence, writer Frank Tieri and Illustrator Oleg Okunev introduce us to a new take on the Black Death in 1347. Although the idea of zombies in Medieval times seems familiar, Tieri doesn’t hold back to separate this story from being comparable to any other of its kind. Introductions to every character were done beautifully and you instantly attach to them. Okunev really lets his art shine in this book with tons of action, gore and grittiness. Although as much as I love violence, gore and bad language, the more sexual parts of this issue were a bit much for me.

Just after this one issue I’m already devoted to the main characters. No matter what story this ended up being I wanted to see Roderick Helms and Geoffrey Anteil take on the challenge. Some of the other team members don’t get to show off more personalities but they give you just enough that instantly makes them recognizable.

Zombies at times get repetitive and you can only see head chopping so much before you tune out. What makes this book so much more interesting than what we’re used to, and what separates this from your average zombie tale, is that it focuses on the characters, personalities, and suspense so that it doesn’t feel like its so dependent on using the zombies as its crutch.

A story like Pestilence is something I thought I’d never catch myself reading because medieval times doesn’t catch my interest anymore. However I enjoyed this book and it completely changed my view and I can’t wait to see what’s next for Pestilence.

Pestilence #1
Is it Good?
Pestilence is a strong start to what looks to be an exciting and terrifying story with amazing art. If you're a fan of zombies, this is not a book you want to miss out on.
Tons of action and the art really shows when it comes to the bloodier scenes.
Even though this more of a darker story it had a ton of comedic moments to balance it out.
There are a couple orgy scenes and it might just be me but that kind of stuff just feels unnecessary to the story.