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Red Hood and The Outlaws #10

Red Hood and The Outlaws #10 continues its story with part two of “Who is Artemis?” This issue does extremely well with showing off the more human side of the Dark Trinity. While searching for the bow of Ra Artemis comes face to face with the past as she finds that her old friend Akila is alive and well. A lot of emotion is shown in this particular story between Artemis and Akila. Artemis believed she had killed Akila after she was corrupted by the bow of Ra. Seeing that light side to Artemis that we don’t normally get to see really shows you that her harder exterior covers up more than we never got to know.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #10
Writer: Scott Lobdell
Artist: Dexter Soy
Publisher: DC Comics

Jason Todd is one of the most popular DC characters out there today. We all know the story of his death and how Joker beat him to death with a crow bar; it’s one of the most iconic and tragic DC stories that has ever been told. It’s been referenced throughout the years so many times that we’ve forgotten how tragic it really is. This issue brings that feeling back hard when we get to see things through Jason’s eyes. It’s extremely powerful writing to see Jason reflect on his death and basically shows he never truly let it go and he’ll forever be haunted at the fact he died alone. Scott Lobdell’s writing and Dexter Soy’s art really comes together strong in this issue and gives the reader another view on how the death of Jason Todd has affected him in such a hard way. Naturally, the circumstances haunt him in devastating fashion and this book proves no matter how hard he tries, there’s always going to be that broken Robin inside him that was never saved.

Rebirth Red Hood and the Outlaws has truly reinvented Bizarro in a great way and this book really shows off the more real side of the character. As much as everyone judges Bizarro and believes he’s stupid, in this issue he earnestly tries to prove that just because he isn’t as smart as others doesn’t mean he’s invaluable. He displays a real human side in this book and shows that he can be a viable Superman. As much as this book had me glued to the pages, there just wasn’t enough Bizarro. I’m sure his story concerning the bow of Ra will be focused on more in the next issue but I really think this issue could have used more Bizarro.

Red Hood and The Outlaws #10
Is It Good?
Red Hood and The Outlaws #10 features fantastic storytelling that connects you directly to the characters, showing that there is a human side to them, and that they're not just crime fighting vigilantes.
The writing really complimented each character making me enjoy them even more
We get to see more of the human side of the characters rather than a bunch of vigilantes punching criminals.
This is the most interesting Bizarro I think we've seen in a long time and they haven't given us enough of him yet.

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