Titans #11 is a book filled with just enough action and more than enough heart. The Lazarus Contract is finally here and it did not disappoint. Deathstroke remembers the past timeline before Wally West was lost in time and seeks some revenge against the Titans who he believes in that timeline had killed his son, the Ravager. Deathstroke has a plan to bring his son back to life and to do that he needs Wally West.

Titans #11
Writer: Dan Abnett
Artist: Brett Booth
Publisher: DC Comics

I actually really enjoyed this book and I think that anyone who reads "The Lazarus Contract" part 1 will definitely be in for a surprise in character development by none other than Deathstroke himself. Deathstroke is normally depicted as the man he is: a heartless assassin. Rarely do we ever see Slade Wilson show any emotion other than aggression, so seeing Slade remember the past timeline and tell Wally that he’ll do anything to bring his son back was intense and I actually kind of found myself rooting for the bad guy.

Other than Flash and Deathstroke, the other Titans don’t have many moments that stood out too much other than naturally being enjoyable characters as always. Nightwing however was very interesting this time around and although it’s unknown right now where his character is going in The Lazarus Contract, that doesn’t stop him from attracting the reader into a wonder and mystery of what part he plays into this particular story.


Titans #11
Is It Good?
Titans has turned into one of my favorite stories to read mostly because it looks so gorgeous.
I really enjoyed seeing Deathstroke be less of an assassin and more of a father trying to get a job done.
The art is beautiful. It's unlike most comics today.
Wasn't a lot of room for the other Titans to shine, but it didn't take away from the story at all