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Alien: The Coloring Book Review

In anticipation of the upcoming Alien: Covenant movie due out is just a few short weeks, Titan Books is releasing Alien: The Coloring Book. While it isn’t labeled an “adult” coloring book, just a few minutes flipping through the pages will tell you everything you need to know about its intended audience. So is it good?

Alien: The Coloring Book
Publisher: Titan Books

Adult coloring books have been on the rise lately and, having attempted a few of them myself, are a healthy relaxation or stress relief technique. Most of these overly complex designs take the form of nature scenes or mandalas. You know, designs that are inherently comforting. Well this coloring book is about as polar opposite as you can get, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it.

I’d like to start off by saying that this book is dedicated to just the Alien franchises as there are no “predators” to be found within these colorless pages. That being said, one of the intriguing features about this book is that it includes both scenes that are inspired by the Alien lore and those that are taken straight from the movies. So while it doesn’t give us any sneak peeks at Covenant, it does include the most iconic scenes from every other Alien film whether it’s the “Chestburster” scene or Sigourney Weaver making the infamous no-look swish (Yes, even that scene is in there).

The images cover a range of difficulty, some being more detailed than others. Regardless of your coloring repertoire, you’ll be able to find plenty of pictures that meet your aesthetic needs. Want something easy? Try the hull of the Derelict spacecraft awaiting exploration of the Nostromo crew. Want to challenge yourself? Try the incredibly detailed Xenomorph bearing down Susan Alexandra. Some of these pictures are going to take you multiple days to finish and with 80 complicated designs throughout the book it’s well worth the price.

Is It Good?

If you’re an Alien fan, this coloring book is going to provide the unique opportunity to bring some of your favorite scenes from the series to life. Filled with grizzly, gruesome and thrilling designs, be sure you have a pack of color pencils on standby (with plenty of shades of red). Find your copy in bookstores on May 9th.


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