Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #19 kicks off a new arc entitled “Girl-Moon.” Is it good?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #19
Writer: Brandon Montclare
Artist: Natacha Bustos
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This series’ main struggle thus far has been with consistency. Fortunately, this issue marks a significant upturn from the last arc. Both the writing and art are some of the best that this title has seen, and it makes for a fun ride that draws upon all of the series’ most enjoyable aspects.

From a narrative standpoint, this issue did everything I hoped it would. We got to see a more likable side of Lunella again, and her scientific exploits were fun to follow. We also get some good interactions between Lunella and Devil, who was adorable. Thankfully, this issue felt a bit more like a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur book than other recent installments. The arrogant Doombot head that got introduced in the last arc seems to have become a permanent fixture in Lunella’s laboratory, and I love it. His hateful proclamations are silly in the best way, and it’s nice to see another recurring character with personality besides just Lunella and Devil. Writer Brandon Montclare did a good job on this issue.

The art here is quite good as well. Natacha Bustos’ work is charming, fun, and skillful. Her all-ages appropriate style doesn’t sacrifice quality, and there’s a lot to be impressed by. Devil looks adorable (especially in his spacesuit), all the characters’ facial expressions are well-rendered, and Girl-Moon’s terrain is classic 1960s sci-fi. The vibrancy of the issue is enhanced by Tamra Bonvillain’s excellent coloring. Overall, the art really sells Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur as a fun title that adults can enjoy as well as kids.

Part of the issue’s success comes from the way it effectively navigates its silly aspects. The tone is consistent, and the writing doesn’t suffer from the same plot holes that have been present in a few earlier issues. Some of the narration here is a bit off, however, as Lunella’s thoughts don’t believably match the situation at hand. Other than that, the main cons with this issue aren’t so much negatives as they are just limited positives. Lunella’s voice is great, but the plot of the arc isn’t particularly engrossing yet. There are a lot of charming details throughout, but some scenes are less touching than others. Overall though, this issue is very well-done.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #19
Bustos and Bonvillain deliver strong artwork
Montclare’s writing is solid
The Doombot character is delightful
Some of the narration feels out of place
While this issue is a step in the right direction, this series still hasn't regained the sense of joy that permeated its first arc

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