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Rick and Morty #26 Review

Back this week by popular demand (it’s an ongoing series after all), Kyle Starks and CJ Cannon offer a done in one story with the fate of the world at stake. No biggy for Rick, but what if Jerry is in charge? ::shudder::

Rick and Morty #26
Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: CJ Cannon (Backup by: Marc Ellerby)
Publisher: Oni Press

So what’s it about? Read our preview!

Why does this book matter?

It seems insane to say it, but we’re still waiting for the latest season of Rick and Morty to come out on a consistent basis. We did get that one episode a few weeks back, but still, this series is the best way to get your Rick and Morty fix; plus Kyle Starks has managed to make this feel like the show since day one.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

An alien race is coming to kill our planet, Jerry can’t get the weed wacker to start, and Morty makes a volcano for the science fair. Yep, we’re all screwed! Starks writes a solid issue that feels like a good episode of the show with multiple elements at play and a fun creature who enters the fray too. Rick’s anger over what Morty deems as science is a fun running joke that ends in a pretty tragic way, for Morty anyways. Drippy Boy is a science golem Rick uses to do some cleaning and he’s everything you’d expect from a weird yet innocent guest star. While the plot thickens, Jerry screws things up, and Rick’s malaise over not bothering assures there’s plenty of laughs. Overall Starks does a great job with a low key story (low key when there’s no dimension hopping to speak of!).

That’s pretty funny.

CJ Cannon draws a great issue that’s very close to the cartoon. It’s hard to argue with the style as it makes it all the more easier to engage in the dialogue and hear the voices from the show. Drippy Boy is simplistic, but fun and Cannon infuses him with the right amount of attitude even though he’s just a dripping blob.

The backup drawn by Marc Ellerby is a fun play on what it’s like to use virtual reality while living amongst the likes of Rick Sanchez. Beth just wants to have a normal Mother’s Day and the VR allows her that, but unfortunately the headset gets knocked off. Cue a Stranger Things style monster encounter! It’s a fun aside that’s quick at four pages, but the joke works.

I love Drippy Boy!

It can’t be perfect can it?

Like with most comedy not every joke lands, but some that don’t for me may for you. I wouldn’t say it’s as funny as an entire episode of Rick adn Morty though it is shorter in content. Pound for pound this issue made me laugh more than some past issues though, so that’s a big win in my book.

Is It Good?

A funny done in one story that has everything you’d want and then some, including science fiction ideas, a testy Rick, and a fun guest star creature who is way too innocent for the Rick and Morty universe. If the TV show doesn’t integrate a character like Drippy Boy I’ll be disappointed!

Rick and Morty #26
Is It Good?
A funny issue with everything you'd want from the series from science fiction, violence, and a fun new guest character!
A pretty funny issue that's self contained and a bit low key as there's no dimension hopping
CJ Cannon draws a comic very close to the look of the show
Marc Ellerby's backup is clever
Pound for pound it may not make you laugh out loud with every joke

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