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The X-Files #14 Review

Remember that powerful dude with a weird name who appeared to be spitting some not-so-subtle game at Dana Scully? Well, it appears he’s finally ready to tell us some big secrets (or something).

The X-Files (2016-) #14
Writer: Joe Harris
Artists: Matthew Dow Smith
Publisher: IDW Publishing

First Read Reactions

  • No matter how smooth Firas Ben-Brahim is, he still orders his food like an a-----e.
  • Pulling a gun on everyone in a fancy restaurant tends to get a reaction. (Doing it in a Burger King, however, just gets you moved to the back of the line).
  • Gotta hand it to Mulder—now matter how serious things are, he can still be gloriously petty.
  • The upper echelons of the United States government are compromised? I thought this was supposed to be fiction. *ba-dum tiss*
  • Looks like the waiting list for Ben-Brahim’s restaurant just got a heck of a lot shorter.

The Verdict

The good news: This looks like the set up to a potentially great story arc.

The bad news: It takes a MASSIVE amount of exposition to get us there.

Aside from a somewhat shocking ending, the whole issue is spent setting up a twist on one of The X-Files‘ most well worn tropes. Don’t get me wrong—I love a good ‘THE GUBAMENT IS EVIL’ conspiracy, but we’ve seen this one more than a few times before with the franchise. That being said, I do like what Joe Harris has cooking here. It’s also good to see him working with Matthew Dow Smith again (even if almost all Smith gets to do is dialogue scenes).

Let’s hope next month’s issue gets things moving forward a bit…or at least helps us ascertain what the heck is going on with that “eyes of fire” thing we keep seeing.

The X-Files #14 Review
Is It Good?
It's good to see Joe Harris and Matthew Dow Smith working together again.
I like the story Harris has cooking here...
...even if it's yet another variation on the same X-Files story we always get.
It takes a MASSIVE amount of exposition to get the story arc set up.

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