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Unboxing/Review: Marvel Legends Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2 Pack 6″ Action Figures

This is a two pack many folks have been anticipating for two very good reasons. The first is that Spider-Man is sporting his subtle blue glow look from Spider-Man writer Dan Slott’s recent “global” run. The second is Mary Jane Watson, a fantastic new rendition of the character that makes her look slightly like Emma Stone from the recent Amazing Spider-Man reboot series (that’s now being rebooted and erased again!). It’s the closest we’ll ever get to Stone playing MJ instead of Gwen Stacy!

The mold is from the pizza Spider-Man toy, which was a huge hit and the coloring is slightly different. It’s currently popping up in Toys”R”Us as an exclusive to their store, but you can also find it on Amazon too. That’s where we got it! Check out our full unboxing/review below:

Marvel Legends Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2 Pack 6″ Action Figures
Publisher: Hasbro


Overall there’s a lot to like about this two pack. It may be a bit steep right now, but for the retail price of $40 dollars, it’s kind of a steal. Spider-Man comes with the usual hand accessories while Mary Jane comes with her bag. Don’t knock the bag, man, it’s got some great detail! The slightly different coloring of Spider-Man is excellent and you’ll love the slight variation to his boots too.

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Marvel Legends Spider-Man & Mary Jane 2 Pack 6" Action Figures
A good deal if you can find them for retail price.
Excellent Mary Jane and Spidey head molds
The pizza Spider-Man with the new coloring is fantastic
Mary Jane's bag is detailed as heck
The usual accessories which, if you're paying more than 40 bucks, seems pretty light

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