In the finale to Faith’s first villain team-up, she’s trapped and facing four enemies who all want her blood. Is it good?

Faith #12
Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Joe Eisma
Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

With Faith incapacitated in a chair loaded with anti-psiot tech, she’s forced to sit and listen to each of the villains come in to guard her.

But that turns out to be the perfect place to be, because everyone knows that getting an enemy to monologue is the key to reveal their secrets and/or buying yourself time. One chink in the armor and the team of villains is suddenly much more vunerable.

Is It Good?

The Faithless supervillain storyline has been the best storyline this comic has used to date. It’s been a perfect vehicle for humor, action, and emotion, which is my particular sweet spot for comics like Faith. And this awesome combo continues into the perfect ending for the arc–Faith using her wits and empathy to both try and escape but also truly understand why these guys are being evil. While it’s pretty standard to take away a hero’s powers, Faith’s real ability to connect with the villains gave this issue some nice depth.

I love so many moments in this book–I think it might be the best of the arc. Drunk Dark Star is hysterical, and Faith’s conversation with Jeff was really touching. Leaving the possibility open for The Faithless to come back is a really smart move, considering how much fun they were.

Joe Eisma continues to shine in the art, ably supported by Andrew Dalhouse’s colors. The only thing missing from this issue is Marguerite Sauvage’s dream sequences, but this issue really doesn’t need them, and I’m sure she’ll be back in full force in the next arc.

This was an excellent sum up of a really enjoyable arc, and I’m excited for the next installment.

Faith #12
Is it good?
I love so many moments in this book--I think it might be the best of the arc.
Fantastic conclusion to one of the best arcs this comic has had
Great mix of humor and empathy
Fantastic art and colors

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