With Wonder Woman finally on the big screen, now is the perfect opportunity for DC Comics to release a one-shot starring her boyfriend, Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 hits stores this week and it’s written by Nightwing‘s Tim Seeley with art from Christian Duce. The one-shot brings Steve’s friends from the movie into the comic book universe and introduces a potential new villain for Diana to face.

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Christian Duce
Publisher: DC Comics


Here’s the synopsis from DC Comics:

When Wonder Woman saved Steve Trevor from dying on the shores of Themiscyra, his life—and hers—changed forever! In this special issue, learn more about the tumultuous partnership these two have had over the years…and get a hint at where it’s going in the future! Have these two finally admitted they’re meant for each other? Or do the Fates have other ideas?

The new issue gives Steve a chance to star in his own story, without Diana sweeping in to save his skin. After a quick Raiders of the Lost Ark-esque opening adventure that at least gives Diana some screen time, Steve is off on his own mission.

He’s off to help save the Oddfellows – three characters who are suspiciously similar to the guys we met in the Wonder Woman movie. There’s the sniper Charlie, con man Sameer and smuggler Chief. We also meet a dangerous villain named Saturna and her Crimson Men gang who are after what the Oddfellows have.

The issue is a neat little adventure, recasting Steve as the star of a long-lost Grayson issue. Seeley’s use of an inner monologue gives us a lot of information while keeping the story moving forward and bringing it to a concise finale while also leaving the door open for another Steve solo mission.

It’s clear that the main goal of the story is to bring in the characters from Wonder Woman the movie. Considering that the film has been such a monster hit at the box office, the release of the book is perfectly timed. That said, there’s nothing really impressive about the issue. Duce’s art is fine, but it’s not unique. Seeley’s writing of covert operations is the star here.

The best thing about the book though is the covers. Paul Renaud’s main cover and Yankick Paquette’s variant would make for great posters.

Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor #1 Review
Is It Good?
Wonder Woman: Steve Trevor is a fun one-shot, but you could wait for it to show up in a trade paperback.
Tim Seeley knows how to write a great covert-ops story.
Good art from Christian Duce.
Exists just to introduce the Wonder Woman supporting characters into the DC Comics universe.

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