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Unboxing/Review: Marvel Legends 6″ Modern Moon Knight Action Figure

If you ask me, Warren Ellis reinvented Moon Knight for the better. Then, Jeff Lemire perfected him. He’s one of those Marvel characters that was a bit basic, but had a cool costume. A cool costume is typically all you need to want an action figure, but this figure comes with an awesome new modern story.

The figure itself is currently for preorder on some sites and soon to be released into the wild. We got an early copy from Amazon, though, and overall it’s a rather great, but also unique toy. See why in our review:

Marvel Legends 6″ Modern Moon Knight Figure
Publisher: Hasbro


The coolest aspect of this figure is the plastic pieces added to the mold giving him an armor look. These pieces are sturdy and keep the white very clean so really no chance of any paint issues. The head mold is excellent as well, with a great hood and piercing blue eyes. Overall this is a solid addition to the Marvel Legends line.

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Modern Moon Knight
With the armor, cape, and awesome head mold this is a fantastic addition to any fan's collection. The fact that it's unique and modern is just icing on the cake!
The armor looks sharp and the added pieces give it an armor look
Good amount of accessories with some neat moon-arangs
Excellent head mold with piercing blue eyes
Great cape too!
It's too bad the staff is straight from Daredevil's only white!
The cape can't bend so it really forces him into a few poses when standing
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