The Injustice 2 comics have been on a rampage lately. Every issue is filled with action, shocking moments, and stunning illustrations. This particular issue slows it down a bit from all the suspense and action and focuses more on character emotion and the main characters’ loved ones. Just because there’s not a punch thrown every page, that doesn’t take away from a great story and this issue delivers exactly that. It’s nice to see a different pace since the last couple of issues have focused on new story beginnings and have been so action-packed. True colors of characters are shown in this issue which it’s exciting, heartwarming, and also heartbreaking. The amount of character development is astounding and definitely gives a new perspective on how you look at these characters.

Injustice 2 #4
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Daniel Sampere
Publisher: DC Comics


The Harley Quinn we get this is issue is not a Harley we’re used to seeing. Everyone knows who Harley Quinn is now that she’s become one of the main faces in pop culture recently. She’s always portrayed as psychotic and fearless, but this time we see a side that will catch most by surprise. It’s no secret that Harley has a daughter that doesn’t know Harley is her mother. Harley Quinn gets her moment to shine in this issue, but this time as a mother which is really something special and exciting and just plain different. The clown act drops immediately and you get a serious Harley who in just one panel will have your eyebrows raise and mouth drop. She’s a bad-ass in this issue and we need more of this.

Damian Wayne actually shows a whole new side of himself we’re not used to as well. Instead of him being so serious and aggressive in every panel you get to see him be an actual hero, taking his time to make sure the people who are in need of help are comfortable; for instance, waiting with a victim to keep her company after he’s already saved her. There are a ton of moments like this from Damian and it’s one of the best collection of pages of this character you’ve ever seen. Tom Taylor brings it again with a compelling, emotional, heartwarming story. Daniel Sampere shows off some beautiful art–some of the best visuals so far in the Injustice 2 comics.

We get to see a flashback sequence which focuses on Batman, Robin, and Alfred. I sometimes find myself tired of hearing about the Bat Family struggle with a Robin who doesn’t like to play nice but it’s issues like this that pull me right back in like it’s the first time I hear it. Seeing Batman be a father figure to Damian Wayne and seeing Alfred be a father to Bruce is magic. It’s important to have comics like this that remind the reader that even superheroes can have real life problems that you can relate to. There are a lot of solid characters in this issue that were unexpected but a nice surprise. Each character has their own purpose and doesn’t take anything away from the main story. It’s a story you won’t want to stop reading.

The art really shines in this issue. There’s a lot of emotion and anger you can feel pop right off the page and it’s always nice seeing Batman smile. It’s almost comforting. Harley Quinn especially has a more interesting seriousness to her as if the wacky Harley just switched off like a light bulb as she takes charge and really becomes the star of this issue. The introduction of new characters is given and brings in new possibilities to the world of Injustice 2. Characters from all over DC Comics that you wouldn’t expect to team together make their appearance and really kick off something new and fresh. It’s nice to see that the comics aren’t limited to use characters that only appear in the Injustice 2 video game.

Injustice 2 #4
Is it good?
Injustice 2 #4 is filled with excellent character development, making this a must-read.
Damian Wayne is always portrayed as a serious character (even more so than Batman) so seeing him just be a hero and show real signs of him actually caring about people was something really enjoyable.
Seeing Harley Quinn come out of her crazy shell for once and take matters seriously and step up to be mother is one of the best aspects of this issue. It's new, exciting, and we need more of this Harley.