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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #16 Review

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #16 is the perfect conclusion and perfect beginning to something great at the same time.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #16
Writer: Kyle Higgins
Artist: Hendry Prasetya
Publisher: BOOM! Studios

This issue picks up right where issue 14 ended, with Lord Drakkon forcing Billy and future Trini to surrender. This issue met all expectations by delivering every element that makes a good Power Rangers story. Trini and Billy are fantastic in this story arc. Trini, who always seemed to be left behind or sidelined for Kimberly, gets all the page time she needs. She and Billy are stars for once and take the spotlight. This issue needs them almost more than it even needs Tommy, which is a massive accomplishment to achieve.

Story itself is one page after another of pure suspense and action flashing from one universe to another and not even once does it get muddy with juggling so much story and so many characters around, especially multiple alternate universe versions of the same characters. Kyle Higgins yet again writes a fantastic heart-stopping issue that pulls the reader in immediately. One of the best aspects of this issue is its imagery. Hendry Prasetya makes sure each page looks like a piece of art that every Power Rangers fan would love to blow up and put on their wall. This issue is a visual masterpiece and not once looks muddy or cluttered.

What’s great about these Power Rangers comics is that they feel aimed at readers that grew up watching the original show, so it’s not filled with corny jokes or terrible villains. Lord Drakkon is the perfect example of a great villain who didn’t waste time joining Rita. Even though this issue was a great conclusion I did however expect some more final boss battle moments–instead, it was done and over with fairly quickly. That’s just a minor complaint, though–there is a ton of action coming from the Rangers and the Megazord, but just not a lot of Lord Drakkon.

This is an important issue that is a must-read and cannot be skipped. It finally takes this chapter to an astounding end while at the same time opening new doors and chapters to further the Power Rangers story. Ever since issue 9 with the debut of Lord Drakkon we have been waiting for this conclusive issue to see what is to come of the future universe and this mysterious evil Ranger. Seeing the Rangers work together with Zack and Trini from the other universe to fight against Lord Drakkon and his army is one of the best visuals I’ve seen in Power Rangers history.

The tail end of this issue is such a soothing last few pages to read in the Lord Drakkon story. It’s got a lovely narration that doesn’t just give you the ending you’ve been waiting for, it also gives you cliffhangers than make you more than anxious to see what happens next. Every character has their moment to shine including the true heart and soul of Power Rangers, Bulk and Skull, even if it’s for just one panel. This is a story I’m sure that will be read over and over again by all Ranger fans for generations to come.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #16
Is it good?
Power Rangers 16 exceeds expectations and will have your heart pounding on every page. No character is wasted in this issue. It's the perfect conclusion to one of the best stories in Power Rangers history.
Seeing all the characters work together and fight on each page is definite must-read for all Power Rangers fans
This book doesn't work without Trini and Billy and everyone who knows Power Rangers aren't used to seeing this. We need more Billy and Trini in stories like these where they feel important.
The final boss battle with Lord Drakkon is over fairly quickly and I expected a lot more fight especially after all this build-up.

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