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‘Justice League vs. Suicide Squad’ is an exciting Rebirth-era crossover

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad is the brawl of the century we’ve all been waiting for with pages and pages of action, suspense, and beautiful art.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
Writer: Tim Seeley, Rob Williams, Joshua Williamson
Artist: Giuseppe Cafaro, Tony Salvador Daniel, Christian Duce, Jason Fabok, Jesus Merino, Fernando Pasarin, Howard Porter, Robson Rocha, Riley Rossmo
Publisher: DC Comics

If I had to pick something to complain about it would that just because this story is called “Justice League vs. Suicide Squad” that doesn’t mean it’s an every issue battle between the two teams. Even the art and promotional images shared images that displayed a huge battle with members on other teams and those weren’t shown in the comics and didn’t even happen. It’s your typical “versus” story where you promote the hell out of a dream match between two of the most popular and biggest characters and teams in comic books and pin them against each other, but in reality they’ll fight for one issue and then team together to fight the real enemy.

Amanda Waller once again proves she’s the most badass character in comics. She always holds her ground and doesn’t step aside, not even for the Justice League. It’s amazing to see a character that no matter how many issues and stories she appears in she always shines in her own way and for some reason always surprises me about how intelligent her character is– and keep in mind, she has no super powers at all. She plays a crucial part of this story.

The artists for these stories deliver their best and create the most beautiful art. You can almost make any page or panel in this book and make it a wallpaper for your phone or computer. The story itself is a decent story that is overall, more than enjoyable. Bringing in the character Maxwell Lord to put together his own Suicide Squad is really impressive. And it also brings back a more recognizable Lobo. The evil Suicide Squad was an okay team and had some amazing battles on the page, but there weren’t really any memorable characters. That being said, even though the battles between the Justice League and Suicide Squad didn’t last very long, there were a good amount of memorable moments between the two teams. Every character was a star at some point and had some great buddy moments with the opposing team.

Is It Good?

This book isn’t perfect, but it’s one hell of a solid story. And it’ll bring readers joy for years to come with just that title alone. It’s not a story that you pick up and read once, this is going to be in that pile of comics that you find yourself always going back to that never let you down. It has all the elements that make a great story and an amazing team behind it. With all the hype of DC building their cinematic universe I really hope we make it to the day where we can see this story on the big screen. But if not, it’ll be here forever in ink.

Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
Is it good?
Though not perfect, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad is an exciting story.
The art is gorgeous as always, but also never gets muddy when there's too many characters on the page.
Lobo really shined in this issue and opened huge doors for this character to be a bigger part of the DC Universe in future stories.
There wasn't much "versus" between the Justice League or Suicide Squad. I think that Justice League/Suicide Squad is a better title.

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