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I am Groot #2 Review

This is such a fun and weird little book.

Baby Groot is stranded on a very strange planet, and it only gets stranger as he tries to find someone who can understand him and help him get home. Is it good?

Groot, having been found by a strange half dog/half robot, is taken to a local village on the outskirts of a large city on Terminus. The inhabitants can’t understand him either, but they let slip that a nearby temple has a translator. Unfortunately, the temple is a forbidden place, so Groot is stuck for now.

In the city, the Administrator is concerned by the number of portal storms that have been happening lately, pulling in things from around the galaxy the way Groot was pulled in. However, as things come through the portal, they are either turned into babies, or they age and disintegrate into bones. The Administrator also has control of a large robot that can go into space and divert items as they approach the planet.

Groot takes advantage of the distraction of the storm to run into the forbidden temple to find help, but encounters even more trouble.

Is It Good?

This is such a fun and weird little book. It’s mostly adorable characters, all round and colorful, but with bits of horror thrown in, as those same characters sport tentacles, flying dentures, and bones dropping from the sky. A lot of this double tonality is thanks Flaviano’s exuberant art. Every panel has a ton of detail, and I especially like his use of speckling the outsides of the action, not only giving texture to those areas but helping focus where the action is.

I love how he draws Groot expressing himself with his entire body, going from dejected to angry to ecstatic in seconds. Each character is unique and has a little touch of strange. The art is the icing on the solid cake of a story (sorry, that metaphor got away from me). Christopher Hastings keeps the story humming along at a fantastic pace, introducing little tidbits of information just at the right times to balance out the humor and action.

It’s a tough balancing act, because this book is rated T, and I think that’s smart. Baby Groot is so appealing to younger readers, but the horror elements in the book might be a little much for really young readers. But I think it’s a fantastic read, and I’m really enjoying each issue.

I Am Groot #2
Is it good?
This is such a fun and weird little book. I'm enjoying every issue.
Fabulous art by Flaviano, especially his Baby Groot
Great story, with Hastings using excellent pacing and humor
Baby Groot is adorable. Seriously reason enough to read this book.
Slight confusion with some events later in the book (but this may be a digital issue problem and not in paper)

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