• Tao Jones T.jones

    I have to say, I much prefer Howard’s art over Carmine’s.

    • Ebola-chan

      Agree, but it’s really not cool keep changing the artist in the same arc. At least use just one per story.

      • Djangus Roundstone

        I’m with you there, it keeps throwing me for a loop at how often they change the art style

      • DonaldFGlober

        I just finished reading Doctor Strange Vol. 2 from Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo. Man…Bachalo drawing every issue is a huge help to strengthen the series.

        • Ebola-chan

          I understand it must be very hard, specially on the drawing with more details on back and all, but it doesn’t make pretty see different artists on every issue. We also had amazing artists who could keep it up the issues, like Ivan Reis, even David Finch on Batman from Tom King.