Unfortunately, the script for ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #30 leaves much to be desired.

Doc Ock is back with a brand new rockin’ body along with his reliably evil machinations. Reveling in his role as field leader for Hydra, he’s set his sights on Parker Industries…which to be fair, he did help build.

First Read Reactions

  • You know what’s weirder than watching Steve Rogers become a Nazi and lift Thor’s hammer? Watching Spider-Man bark orders to other superheroes like a spandex-clad General Patton (I kind of like it, though).
  • Peter and Bobbi, sittin’ in a tree…
  • Wow. Not only did all the mutants move to San Francisco, but they also became complete pushovers, too.
  • You know things are bad when Chinese workers tell their American boss that this government is too abhorrent for them to work for the company anymore.
  • Of course Doc Ock comes alone to fight Spider-Man. OF COURSE HE DOES.
  • *Sigh* You don’t often get a deux ex machina that’s so on the nose…

The Verdict

Once again, what looked to be a great fight scene between Octavius and Spidey is spoiled by mountains of exposition.

The issue starts out incredibly well, but quickly devolves into a series of predictable story beats. Even the big reveal about the secret meaning behind the Parker Industries logo is kind of lame.

About the only thing that was a surprise is the fact that Doctor Octopus would forgo his well-armed back up to fight a dude one-on- one who beats him at every turn—even when he’s not in control of his own body! I mean, I get that Octavius has a huge ego…and that this is a superhero story….but c’mon. Add in two “SURPRISE TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE” moments, and this might be one of the weakest issues of Amazing Spider-Man I’ve read in a long time.

At least the art’s good. Stuart Immonen is deservedly recognized as a top-notch penciler, but he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his exceptional panel work. Even the dialogue heavy scenes do a good job of keeping your eye moving in a way that prevents the issue from feeling too static.

Unfortunately, the script for Amazing Spider-Man #30 leaves much to be desired. Let’s hope this is just a bump in the road for the title and not sign of things to come.

Amazing Spider-Man #30 Review
Is it good?
Stuart Immonen's artwork and paneling is superb.
Once again, we have an incredibly strong opening...
...followed by a weak narrative bogged down with predictable story beats and mountains of exposition.
Two "SURPRISE TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE" moments make an already shaky script even weaker.