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The shit has finally hit the fan.

In the opening pages of every issue of Grass Kings, we see bloodshed, murder and destruction; also, people killed for their beliefs, for their skin color and because they challenged authority. That hatred for authority, along with all that blood, sweat and tears soaked into the land, formed the ground from which Grass Kingdom grew: A kingdom built to tell authority to go to hell — and that if you try to stop us there will be even more bloodshed.

Issue 5 finally delivers on that promise. Welcome back to Grass Kings:

There are bullets, bloodshed and quite a few explosions in this issue, as the local sheriff has finally had enough of the outlaw commune near his town and has ordered a full invasion.

The Grass Kingdom, always prepared for such a threat, responds in the only way they know how – with deadly and direct force.

This issue, as always painted beautifully by Mr. Jenkins, brings us back into the minds of these people who don’t live in normal society and who will protect what is theirs by any means.

Still, they aren’t cold blooded killers. After shooting and wounding a police officer, one woman simply says…”Shit,” as she knows that this necessary assault is only opening up the possibility of more.

My favorite section is a type of flashback, where we see our protagonist Robert dipping back into his memories of his daughter, and reading stories to her as he rides into battle. Rides quite literally, on the back of a horse.

These characters are not people you want to have a beer with. They’re flawed and broken and dangerous, but they have something.


This book shows how hard freedom really is to come by, and how much fighting it takes to keep it, and how much blood spills when you do.

Guns, blood, bones, and bullets. The seeds sown in this land.

I can’t recommend this series higher. It’s slow and paced but in such a good way, that you’ll be asking for more at all times.

Also, the art. DEAR GOD.

Please, if nothing else do me a favor and buy this book. Buy a few copies, hand them out, do what you have to so we can see this story continue to unfold. This series continues to shine in all facets. Character building and motivations, artwork, plot points and twists – it’s got it all.

Don’t be shocked if this is the next mini-series on HBO with a lot of buzz.

Grass Kings #5 Review
Is it good?
This series continues to shine in all facets. Character building and motivations, artwork, plot points and twists - it's got it all.
Everything. Seriously.
Nothing - go buy the damn books already

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