‘Green Arrow’ #27 is gorgeous and well worth a look for Wonder Woman and Green Arrow fans alike.

Green Arrow is on a road trip to stop the Ninth Circle from continuing its plan to destroy America. This week Oliver is in Washington DC and soon to be fighting (and probably teaming up with) Wonder Woman. No big deal!

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“HARD TRAVELING HERO” part two! Oliver Queen is a pillar of morality. A champion of ethics. The essence of truth. Or at least he thought so. The self-described people’s hero Green Arrow crosses paths with the Justice League’s real paragon of virtue, Wonder Woman, when his cross-country fight against the Ninth Circle puts both heroes’ muscle and mettle to the ultimate test.

Why does this book matter?

For real, everybody should get eyes on Jamal Campbell because his work is out of this world good. I loved his work on the Rebirth Vixen one shot and I love his work on this title. If not for nothing–the story is pretty entertaining too–come for the art.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Nice entrance.

This issue picks up where the last one left off, but it’s actually pretty easy to jump in on this issue too, as it opens with Flash and Green Arrow saying what they just came from. Writer Benjamin Percy is clearly on a team up kick, because this issue quickly switches from Flash by Green Arrow’s side to Wonder Woman. Before he interacts with her–more on that later–this issue does a good job establishing what the Ninth Circle’s plan is and why they’re in Washington DC.

On the hunt for a murderer, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow cross paths and Percy uses Wonder Woman’s high and mighty (rightfully!) demeanor to play off Green Arrow’s reputation for doing things a bit dirty. Percy carries this plot element forward and it ends up giving the issue itself a satisfying arc. Basically put, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman bond ya’ll!

This issue doesn’t forget about Star City and has a nice cutaway to the actions Emi and Black Canary are taking with the freaks that live underground. This adds to and reminds us this is an ensemble cast.

Campbell is going to dazzle you. Campbell is going to make you believe in the strength of Wonder Woman. Campbell is going to make you understand Flash is practically a god as he moves about. Campbell is going to make you believe in Green Arrow. The art is off the chain (oh god I’m old) and so very good throughout this book. His lines are sharp, but the color adds a dimension that makes a strong case that artists who color their own work end up with the most dynamic work at that. The panel below, for instance, shows Flash moving about in a believable and understandable way and the framing of Flash is dynamic within the panel itself. When Wonder Woman throws Oliver in a scene, she does it so effortlessly her strength is incalculable. The use of translucent arms blocking bullets in another scene shows off how Wonder Woman is insane fast. She’s strong with a muscled look that fans should appreciate. All in all this book is gorgeous.

Speed can’t work on chemistry.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Green Arrow gives a speech of sorts near the end of the issue and while the words he’s saying are meaningful and strong, it does come off as a bit over the top. It doesn’t help he gives a speech whilst rescuing a person. That said, this is comics and it’s dang fun.

Is It Good?

If you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, or Flash, you gotta pick this book up just to look at the wonderful art. The story progresses very nicely on top of that and the writing is strong. Green Arrow mixes vigilantism and heroes so very well.

Green Arrow #27
Is it good?
What a thrill ride of an issue!
Gorgeous art throughout particularly in how it shows Wonder Woman's strength
Progresses the story well with a nice check in at Star City
A rousing speech whilst saving a life is a bit much

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