Injustice 2 #5 is a Supergirl-centric issue that chronicles her evacuation from Krypton and her earliest days on Earth.

Injustice 2 #5 moves the story away from Earth and sets it in the final days of Krypton — specifically the origin of Supergirl and how she came to be a part of the Injustice universe. Krypton itself looks okay and actually resembles its appearance from the Zack Snyder film a lot. There are some creatures flying around and even Jor-El is wearing a similar uniform from the film. Even though it happens fast there are some fun moments with Kara and her father which is nice to see because usually we don’t get to see too much of anything on Krypton besides a cut to an explosion and a subsequent fast forward to a young Clark Kent.

Although it’s nice to see Supergirl on Krypton, maybe calling it the “Origin of Supergirl” wasn’t entirely correct as the whole sequence happens relatively fast. You have some cute and fun moments in the first few pages and then the story fast forwards to 6 years later to the fall of Krypton. Supergirl and her parents are defending themselves until her parents say that they’re going to put she and her cousin Kal-El in separate air crafts to Earth to save them from Krypton’s destruction. And then it fast forwards again to 35 years later where she finally makes it to Earth.

Tom Taylor is a fantastic writer and I enjoy everything that he produces but this issue was not my favorite. A more appropriate title might have been “A Summary of Supergirl”. The art was great as usual it but I wasn’t a fan of essentially replicating what we’ve already seen before from the Man of Steel film. The issue moves so fast away from Krypton that it’s such a minor complaint but I feel like even though there are only 7 pages to show off Krypton — I still expected a lot more.

After Supergirl finally arrives on Earth she lands in Kahndaq, where she’s confronted by Black Adam. Black Adam is not a character I’m fond of at all especially in the Injustice video games. In the games I feel like he serves no purpose and I’m surprised he made the cut for both games. If he were to be erased from those games everything would happen pretty much the same. That being said this is the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed Black Adam very much. He comforts Kara to the fullest and also has a long chat with her where he tells the story about how and why Superman is being held prisoner.

Black Adam tells the story as if he truly doesn’t believe that Superman has done anything wrong. That moment alone where Black Adam showed actual emotion was enough to pull me into his character. There’s also some intense moments where Black Adam shows off his chilling abilities against the Kahndaq army. I think this should have been a Black Adam story and less of a Supergirl story. His moments were the highlights of this issue, and this is coming from someone who dislikes him more than any character in the Injustice series.

Injustice 2 #5 Review
Is it good?
Black Adam becomes the star of a Supergirl story very quickly and really brings some must needed light to that character. Supergirl's story also leaves you feeling sad for the character after seeing what she had to go through (the destruction of Krypton and losing her parents; as well as 35 years with her cousin Superman).
Black Adam was my favorite part of this issue. He outshines Supergirl in her own issue.
This issue shouldn't have the word "origin" in the title. It fast forwards so much it feels like a summary.

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