An action packed thrill ride.

This anniversary issue of Justice League #25 is an action packed thrill ride. This is one of those issues that remind you of just how big the grand scale of Rebirth actually is. Not only is the word “Rebirth” said more than few times in this issue, but this book really helps define just what exactly Rebirth is and what it’s been doing to the DC Universe.

The issue has a magnificent opening with Green Lantern Corps fighting off an alien named Shirak and it’s such an exciting image to see. You can never go wrong with having the Green Lantern Corps teaming together to fight off a super-powered being. This Green Lantern takes place as a flashback and is from years and years ago. I liked this opening scene because not only was it action-packed from the beginning but it was narrated really well by the woman who is explaining Rebirth to Batman which pops up throughout the issue.

The entire Justice League doesn’t get too much time in this issue but the characters that do get page time actually work really well and I wouldn’t prefer it any other way. Simon Baz and Victor Stone are the characters get focused on the most and encounter the beast Shirak for the first time. There are some intense, dark moments in the beginning of their chapter that are very chilling and and heart-stopping. Everything about their story is gold and was executed so well I don’t know it could have been told better.

The story was great and even though this was a thirty page-long issue, I really wanted more. Simon Baz shined the most in this issue, showing off his willpower and overcoming the odds and doing something that an entire Green Lantern Corps couldn’t do. The art was pretty good for the most part but the faces weren’t drawn the best. I felt like if the Justice League weren’t in their uniforms I wouldn’t be able to tell them a part from each other. There are even times where a few characters look like the mask that was seen on the Purge movies and it just seemed like an odd choice.

Batman’s conversations where he explains his beliefs about what he thinks Rebirth actually is and what he feels about the universe is some of the best dialogue of any character in any recent comic book. A lot of what he says especially towards the end was really inspiring and to have that dialogue go along with the fight between the Justice League and Shirak was the perfect way you could have made this anniversary issue. It actually felt special and not like a random book. This issue is insanely important and gives you the inside information you need to know about Rebirth.

Justice League #25
Is it good?
Justice League #25 is inspiring and really makes you want to believe these characters were real. Everything from start to finish is everything you need in a great Justice League story and I cannot wait to see what's coming next.
Everything with Batman was really intense and teased a lot of whats to come with Rebirth
Simon Baz and Cyborg was a nice change instead of the usual team-up with Jessica. I hope we get to see more of these two
The art was great in most parts but sometimes the faces were very unappealing and unrecognizable.

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