“I’m not training you to be Robin. I’m trying… something new.” (Batman, Batman: Rebirth #1)

And that something new is an entity we’ll have a much better conception of thanks to the announcement of Batman: The Signal during the ‘Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Matter’ panel at SDCC ’17. The Signal will be an ongoing series starring Scott Snyder-created Duke Thomas, a character who first appeared in Batman Vol. 2 #21 (August 2013), written by DC Talent Workshop graduate Tony Patrick.

The series couldn’t have been announced at a more perfect time, as the Joker recently referred to Duke as “Gotham’s hero by day” in Dark Days: The Casting, and the latter figures to play a meaningful role in the Dark Nights: Metal crossover.

  • Morse

    if it’s starring duke, why is it titled BATMAN the signal? oh right, because duke is a useless and purposeless character (just like many other Batfamily characters) and without Batman’s name on the cover to amp up the sales, the book would die after issue 2.
    a side character is not deserving of a title when they can’t even have their name on the book

    • Lecherous Larry

      Snyder said he had a plan and wanted to wait until the time was right. Apparently, this is that time. That’s the point of this series, to bolster the character and differentiate him from the rest of the Bat-Family. Will it work? Who knows. But we should all at least give it a chance before condemning it.

      God, all this typing has made me randy as all get out. If you’ll excuse me… ::unzipping sounds::