Batman’s newest protege, Duke Thomas, gets his own ongoing series with ‘Batman: The Signal’.

“I’m not training you to be Robin. I’m trying… something new.” (Batman, Batman: Rebirth #1)

And that something new is an entity we’ll have a much better conception of thanks to the announcement of Batman: The Signal during the ‘Dark Nights: Metal and Dark Matter’ panel at SDCC ’17. The Signal will be an ongoing series starring Scott Snyder-created Duke Thomas, a character who first appeared in Batman Vol. 2 #21 (August 2013), written by DC Talent Workshop graduate Tony Patrick.

The series couldn’t have been announced at a more perfect time, as the Joker recently referred to Duke as “Gotham’s hero by day” in Dark Days: The Casting, and the latter figures to play a meaningful role in the Dark Nights: Metal crossover.

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