Poison Ivy is always a staple of conventions across the world and yet they can all be so different! The coolest part of Poison Ivy cosplay is how creative cosplayers get with the flora and fauna. Here are three we spotted.

Cosplay pictures posted with permission.

This cosplay, by Kaija Harris is by far the leafiest we’ve seen. The contacts are also a very nice touch! You can find more of Harris’ cosplay @kaija.harris on Instagram.

Our second cosplayer nailed the red hair and the leafy bottom and top are thorough!

The last of the three Poison Ivy cosplay is all body paint. The rose is a nice touch. By face and body paint costume designer Brigitte Berlin, @brigitteberlinmua on Instagram.

  • Lecherous Larry

    Seeing Poison Ivy cosplayers like this, enswathed as they are in foliage and mother nature’s verdant veneer really incites some sort of primal urge in me — one that perhaps harkens back to Eve in the garden.

    Also, they make me effin’ HORNIERRRRR than a pack of pygmy chimpanzeeeeeeeessss. ARROOOOGGAAA!