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DC looks to capture ‘Fantastic Four’ feel with new series, ‘The Terrifics’

Jeff Lemire leads the effort to fill the void left behind by the Fantastic Four.

There’s so much news coming out of San Diego Comic Con this year that it’s hard to keep up, and some things can get lost in the shuffle. One particularly intriguing announcement came from DC, as they told fans that Jeff Lemire will be leading the charge on a new teamup book featuring forgotten DC heroes, entitled The Terrfics, under DC’s new Dark Matter imprint.

The four heroes may not be household names like Batman or Superman, but they have been in the DC Universe for a long time: Mr. Terrific, an incredibly athletic leader who won an Olympic decathalon and owner of five black belts; Plastic Man, a goofball who thanks to an accident harnesses the power of elasticity; Metamorpho, who can transform his body into any element on the periodic table; and Phantom Girl, an alien from the distant future who can phase through anything.

If you’re thinking this fearsome foursome sounds strangely reminiscent of Reed Richards, the Thing, the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman, you’re not alone. It seems like it’s DC’s strategy to try to fill the void left by the complete lack of Fantastic Four comics coming from Marvel in recent years with a family-style teamup of their own. At Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s reunion event at SDCC, Jeff Lemire was a special guest and said he hopes to channel the classic Fantastic Four feel in his story when panel host Dan DiDo explained The Terrifics are “not just a team, they’re a family.”


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