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SDCC 2017

SDCC 2017: Home of geek chic apparel

There’s something for everyone in the realm of nerdy clothing at San Diego Comic Con.

When you think of cons you automatically think cosplay. Cosplay is an in depth, head first approach to celebrating your favorite show, movie or character but what happens when the con is over? Well more and more vendors have caught on to this desire to express oneself and truly be geek chic outside of wearing a t-shirt (We all have a dozen or so nerdy t-shirts, right?). I discovered a few fashion items while perusing the exhibition hall at San Diego Comic Con. Let’s take a look at some everyday wear that helps you rock your favorite superhero, movie, game or TV show. Let’s see what is #geekchic.

It’s summertime and we are in San Diego so why not pick up a Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman or even Pikachu bikini?

Heading to the office? Chances are you wear a tie at least once a week, may as well rock one of these “Freakin” sweet” Doctor Who, Star Wars or Donkey Kong ties.

Perhaps you are like one customer I overheard, who said, “I am thinking of what I can get away with at the office.” He leaned towards a more subtle show of Harry Potter pride by purchasing some Slytherin socks.

For the ladies there is a boundless array of corseted dresses, including Star Wars prints. Darth Vader has never looked better popping off an aqua backdrop. Oh, and there is leather (If that’s your thing).

Maybe you just want to kick back to power watch a new Netflix season or game for several hours in your own home. Well, of course there’s something for you too: kick back in a comfy, Superman, Batman or Spider-Man robe. Even superheroes need a day off.


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