Millions fell in love with the 1993 fantasy/musical, The Nightmare Before Christmas. The catchy tunes and the wondrous animation made this film one to watch over and over again. Halloweentown’s beloved Pumpkin King Jack Skellington and wistful, dreamy Sally were on display at San Diego Comic-Con. We met three different variations of these lovable characters.

You tell us who wore it best?

Pictures posted with permission.Jack looks dapper in his pin-striped suit while Sally rocks a handmade wig of red yarn and strikes a darling pose.All on her own and searching for Jack. This Sally had it going on with full body paint, even over the facial hair.Together again, Jack and Sally graciously pose for a photo. Ah, you can see the adoration on Sally’s face.

Three different takes on the same cosplay. Please tell us in the comments. Who wore it Best?

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