Cable has been time hopping through world history but now he faces the Mayans. NBD, right?

James Robinson’s Cable series continues this week with its “How awesome has this time travel chase series been?” story continuing on to the Mayans. Will Cable catch up to the mysterious man who keeps giving natives futuristic guns?

So what’s it about?

Read our preview to find out more.

Why does this matter?

While it’s been brisk issue after issue, it’s also a great looking series due to Carlos Pacheco’s work. Robinson and Pacheco have basically brought a heck of a lot of fun to a character who is usually written with convoluted time travel bologna to sift through. Not so here.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

If you’ve been waiting for answers on this series you gotta read this issue. Cable finally gets some answers of his own, which gives the entire narrative a bit more purpose. There’s certainly a McGuffin element to it all, but it’s nice to finally have something to look out for pushing forward. Speaking of pushing forward, Robinson continues to drop Cable into a strange land only to have him enter a new one by the end, which gives this issue an adventure feel that’s hard to deny.

Cable striking a pose.

Pacheco (who is aided by Thony Silas for the last two pages) continues to do excellent work, stretching the panels in a vertical way you just don’t see very often. It’s a great way to explore space, with a solid page showing Cable run up temple steps and take out guards in each vertical sliver. The hologram looking tech the bad guy keeps giving natives is also excellent looking and it certainly looks formidable when Cable goes up against it. As Cable storms the temple there are panels that are storyboard worthy (seriously cinematic stuff!) and the kinetic panel work adds value to the overall read.

Proof he’s on steroids?

It can’t be perfect can it?

While exposition and purpose is added to the story arc in this issue it’s also dropped in a thick and narrative killing sort of way. Exposition dumps are sometimes necessary, but the way its delivered here–by a character who seems to know it all so conveniently–makes for a rather unearned and boring experience.

Is It Good?

Too often comics are more serious than they probably should be and with Cable we’re getting all out action fun that could easily be adapted into a film and the world would love it. Seriously Fox, read this comic and turn this into a movie. You won’t be disappointed!

Cable #3
Is it good?
The art utilizes a sick vertical panel that makes the action and fun-as-hell premise sing.
The exposition certainly helps give the narrative meaning
Excellent art as always
A plot that is downright fun!
The exposition does get laid on thick, slowing the narrative

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