Harper Collins listened to fans’ outrage and has re-released the first three books of the series with the original, terrifying artwork.

When Stephen Gammell’s artwork was replaced with Brett Helquist’s back in 2011, it caused an uproar. A generation of children who had Gammell’s horrifying artwork embedded in their brains felt like a piece of their childhood was destroyed. Brett Helquist’s artwork was good, but nothing like the unique, terrifying drawings that made the series of books unmistakably memorable.

Years later, publisher Harper Collins seems to have noticed that backlash, and has re-released the series with the original artwork as part of a box set. Kids today can witness first hand, as AiPT! contributor Mark Pellegrini so eloquently put it, “the face that shat a thousand pants” with their own copies of the book.

If you were heartbroken when the originals were replaced, make sure to pick up the re-release with the original artwork. You never know when they’re gonna be taken off shelves again.

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