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In this installment of All-New Guardians of the Galaxy, we get a little more in depth into the mind of one of our heroes. Drax has become the pacifist instead of the destroyer, but why? Gerry Duggan brings his memories to life while Greg Smallwood shows the story as it unfolds. Emotions–as much as Drax can have–are high in this touching story.

So, backstory time. Looks like there’s a lot going on in the Guardians’ lives right now. Not much going right from what I can tell, and to top that off Drax apparently is not destroying anymore–news to me. This issue has us joining Drax and Gamora in a meditation session; I’m guessing it’s something he’s trying to repress the destroy stuff mentality. Duggan really writes a great one-on-one conversation between the two–it’s much more emotional than you’d expect an interaction between the two to be.

Smallwood does a great job with the accent colors during the aggressive scenes but nothing is too in your face. There’s little to no distraction from the story but the images work well with the content. Keep in mind when you read this–the story is sad, like, if you’re emotional, there might be tears.

The expression text in some panels is way too bold for the artwork it accompanies, which sticks out in a bad way. Not really fond of the format there.

In all honesty besides a few visual nitpicks here and there this is a great issue. It’s a great one to start on if you haven’t followed the series, and definitely makes you want to backtrack–which I am about to do. The biggest bonus for me, because I teach music, was the last page. I’m excited to see what happens next!

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #7
Is it good?
A great one to start on if you haven’t followed the series, and definitely makes you want to backtrack--which I am about to do.
Great storytelling
Insight into two characters' minds
Perfect artistic style for the issue
The bold text doesn’t fit the panels

  • james kaveh


    In the middle of the coffee shop exploring this issue and all of the sudden I produce a large GASP from what happens. Then a hole sunk deep into my chest and was filled with all kinds of sadness and pain. I felt Drax’s determination and then I felt his pain. I am happy to finally know why Drax is Drax The Pacifist.