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Green Arrow #28 Review

‘Green Arrow’ goes to Metropolis, but is he a match for Lex Luthor?

Benjamin Percy
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Juan Ferreyra is back on Green Arrow this week, which should be enough for most readers to be extra excited. On top of that? Benjamin Percy continues to team Green Arrow up with the best of the Justice League as he tries to root out the Ninth Circle from across the country. They’re his worst enemy, so why not take the show on the road and ruin their day across the nation?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“HARD-TRAVELING HERO” part three! Metropolis is Oliver Queen’s next stop on his quest to take down the Ninth Circle, but he may be too late when the evil financiers start a war with the one man they can’t buy: Lex Luthor! That’s more fat cats than even Ollie can handle, which means this is a job for Superman and Green Arrow!

Why does this matter?

Percy has been writing a fantastic Green Arrow series in part because he’s made it feel important to the character, but also large in scope. It’s a story that I could see being ranked in the top five Green Arrow stories ever. This current story arc only adds to that.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Is the glass floor some kind of Superman envy thing?

While this latest arc is all about Green Arrow teaming up with a different hero each issue, that also means it’s a taste of how Percy would write all these characters. And so far, they are written pretty damn well, from a fun Flash to a badass Wonder Woman. This issue features Superman, but it’s actually a tour de force when it comes to Lex Luthor writing. Percy nails this character and makes him incredibly smart and wickedly quick. He’s without his Superman suit when Green Arrow barges in in an opening scene, but is quick to show Green Arrow he can use his words just as dangerously.

Not to be outdone, Green Arrow is pretty darn smart himself and proves as such when his point about the Ninth Circle being a dangerous entity ends up being true. Percy continues to make this vigilante hero all about hope and his positive vibes–though a surprise to Superman–are infectious. This is also a classic example of a superhero comic that does more with less violence and a strong message of loving your fellow man is made by the end.

You gotta love Ferreyra, who is clearly having the time of his life with this issue. Superman is drawn in the most patriotic and positive way you’ll have a big grin after reading this one. There’s a fantastic montage of Superman–dressed as everyday Clark Kent–taking out a perp, helping someone with their door, and secretly enacting justice in street clothes. There are some incredible iconic panels of Superman dressed in his red, white and yellows throughout too, like a shot of him lifting off and determined to save the day. The final page is to die for too, with half a page devoted to Green Arrow motorcycling to his next target (and team up) with some excellent greens and light effects.

Sharp as a tack.

It can’t be perfect can it?

The cut aways to Star City and Green Arrow’s friends, while ultimately helpful, serve more to ensure we don’t forget than to add much of anything. It’s nice to be reminded Oliver has friends at home, but these scenes don’t add a whole lot.

Is It Good?

What an excellent issue all about hope, understanding, and being a hero because you know it’s right. Every issue of Green Arrow hits so many targets you’ll be spinning with enjoyment.

Green Arrow #28
Is it good?
Another great issue of team up fun.
Gorgeous art with great use of light and space
Lex Luthor is written very well
A lot of hope and positivity in this one
The cut aways to Green Arrow's friends feel unnecessary

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