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Iron Fist #6 Review

Asking questions is expected after you read a setup issue, but I’m not sure I like how many I have.

Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins
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The depth of Danny’s kung fu was truly vast as he defeated the seven masters of Lui-Shi and regained his purpose in life: protect K’un-Lun. Our favorite kung fu hero begins his journey to finding his way home. Let’s find out if it’s any good.

Marvel synopsis

TWICE THE MASTERY! TWICE THE KUNG FU! The man with the Iron Fist teams up with Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu! What brings these two together? Only a MURDER CULT TRYING TO KILL DANNY! It’s the action explosion you won’t want to miss!

What’s the skinny?

Having recently passed the Trial of the Seven Masters, a deadly kung fu tournament on a secret kung fu island in the middle of who knows where, Danny is returning to the west with his mind set on finding a way home to K’un-Lun. First stop on his journey to finding a way back to K’un-Lun? Vancouver International airport of course!

Unfortunately for our hero Tim Horton’s and maple syrup are off the menu, as a group of robe wearing cult members are hell bent on killing Danny (aren’t they always?) before he makes it off the tarmac. Surrounded on all sides by telepathic cult members who shoot electricity, Danny may be in over his head. Thankfully his old friend Shang-Chi, “the Master of Kung Fu,” shows up just in time to save Danny from being overwhelmed and help his friend get to the bottom of who’s behind the cult.

What’s the catch?

One minute Iron Fist is unable to strike his opponents without painful visions of a random creepy dude calling his name, the next minute he’s having no problem laying the smackdown. The only difference? His friend Shang-Chi shows up.

Beyond the confusing combat I was disappointed by the lack of progression in Danny finding K’un-Lun. We’re beyond the first story arc headed in a new direction and one of the biggest components from Lui-Shi, the island Danny left behind, has already reared its head again. I certainly don’t mind revisiting past characters but let’s get a little breathing room first.

Is it good?

When I finished reading the first issue of Brisson’s run on Iron Fist I made sure to read his letter to the fans at the end. One of the biggest take aways that made me decide to continue reading and reviewing this book was his excitement and desire to “write a good old-fashioned kung fu story”. The first arc delivered on that so well and bringing in Shang-Chi “The Master of Kung Fu” has only add to my faith in Brisson’s commitment to the kung fu component of Iron Fist. Shang-Chi is has been said to be Iron Fist’s equal in kung fu and Black Panther has dared to say that he’s even better. I can’t wait to see where these two old friends end up.

Mike Perkins does a great job delivering us a super creepy new villain in the form of The Seer. This guy looks disgusting, dangerous and gives off the vibe that he’d love nothing nothing than to take a bite out of you. Everything about him was drawn in a way to illicit uneasiness from the reader: his eyes, skin, teeth, all gives me the willys. Andy Troy did a truly phenomenal job with the colors in this issue. The atmosphere was so much more alive and impactful in each location Danny traveled through and it’s entirely thanks to Troy’s work here. What a fantastic job.

There are just so many questions to be asked after reading this issue. Where did Shang-Chi come from? How’d he discover the identity of the man after the Iron Fist and how does he know so much about his abilities? Why is Danny in Vancouver of all places? How did this contract get taken out on Danny’s life in the first place? I could go on. Asking questions is expected after you read a setup issue, but I’m not sure I like how many I have. I’m going to practice patience here as Brisson has already proved he can tell a good kung fu story. I’m hoping to see the story with Danny’s journey to K’un-Lun start to develop ASAP.

Iron Fist #6
Is it good?
Asking questions is expected after you read a setup issue, but I'm not sure I like how many I have.
Andy Troy's color work is phenomenal
Mike Perkins delivers a super creepy new villain
Shang-Chi "The Master of Kung Fu" adds to Brisson's promise to deliver kung fu to the fans
Some perplexing combat
No progression in Danny's quest to return home to K'un-Lun

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