ACO draws what could be one of the greatest action one-shots ever.

When ACO draws a comic you best pull out your wallet and scream, “Take my money!” Art by ACO is wickedly good, with incredible layouts and a dynamic nature that makes every page with the price of admission alone. He drew Nick Fury #5…

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

This is a one-shot, so jump on for a cool ride as Nick Fury (Jr.) goes on a vacation, though we all know resting is the last thing he’ll be doing. As a spy, there will be many to kill and take down and boy is there a wicked surprise writer James Robinson has in store for him.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Nice leaves.

Okay, you know the creators of a comic know what they’re doing when they have a four page splash in a comic with this caption on the fourth page:

This four pager is flipping unreal and better be produced in a poster because it’s all kinds of trippy, cool, and action packed. A clown with a machine gun, Fury on a ATV, and all kinds of weapons flying about. It’s a gorgeous spread and it’s marvelously big.

Outside of this, ACO dazzles with incredible layouts utilizing circles to draw your attention down on a small Fury walking in a street (with circular panels interlocked with the circles all around), and his great use of smaller panels to show tight shots of importance. His work on Midnighter was stellar and so too is his work here. Please for the love of god flip through this and see how awesome it is.

The story is good too and it’s a great one-shot to get a little excitement in your life. Robinson opens it with Fury going on a “vacation” that even he doubts. Boy is he surprised. I won’t spoil it, but there’s a twist of sorts that’s pretty cool and it’d make for a great action movie. Robinson has Fury show his mettle throughout and even some cool tech too.

If your mission is to “unwind” and you’re a spy this ain’t going to end well.

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is an action comic so don’t expect a ton of character work by any means. The funny thing is, most action comics are super short, but ACO fills these pages with so much detail you’ll be reading/viewing this for a while.

Is it good?

A visual feast that your eyes need and your brain will thankfully consume. Seriously folks, ACO is a freaking genius. Buy this book!

Nick Fury #5
Is it good?
ACO draws an awesome issue that's incredibly dynamic and crazy. It's like Crank for comics.
Gorgeous layouts and a flipping four page spread!
Fury shows off how badass he is
An action comic through and through that's a lot of fun
Sure it might lack story or character work but the ART GUYS!

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