Pro wrestlers were meant to play gigantic robots.

Earlier it was announced that John Cena will have a leading role in next year’s Transformers spinoff Bumblebee. While Cena will not be playing the titular character, it would not be a stretch if a professional wrestler was cast as a transforming robot. Here are some casting ideas for Michael Bay, free of charge.

Megatron: Hollywood Hogan

The most technical or flashiest? Nah. But they’re in charge for a reason. Once angered, they can rarely be stopped. And if you get hit by their overpowered finisher — in Hogan’s case his 24-inch-pythons or Atomic Leg Drop and in Megatron’s case his enormous Fusion Cannon — you’re as good as dead.

Optimus Prime: Diesel

They’re big. They’re bad. They both suffice as the respective “Big Daddy Cool”s of their universes. And they’ll steamroll you like, or in Prime’s case *as* an 18-wheeler if you get in their way.

Bumblebee: 1-2-3 Kid

Plucky, undersized and capable of taking down opponents of far greater size and prowess? That description fits these underdog characters to a tee.

Starscream: CM Punk

Dangerous, distinctly vociferous and dissatisfied with their standing because they deserve so much more.

Arcee: Miss Elizabeth

Pretty, perennial damsel in distress (G1 Arcee at least, I know her current comic iteration has been elevated to bad-ass tier) that’s the love interest of two high-ranking characters? Arcee and Miss Elizabeth have more in common than we thought.

Soundwave: Bret Hart

“The Excellence of Execution.” These two are about as skilled and proficient as they come, share monotone voices and happiest/arguably at their best when taking orders from their leaders (in Soundwave’s case, Megatron and in Bret Hart’s case, Vince McMahon). Also, Soundwave’s cassettes and the Hart Foundation are one in the same.

Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime: Roman Reigns

They both got pushed way too soon. And the smarks hated them for it.

Ultra Magnus: John Cena



Boring — but at the same time undeniably powerful and respected. And they were there to carry the torch when their allies needed them most.

Waspinator: Zack Ryder

The jobber you just can’t bring yourself to hate.

Grimlock: “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner

Anytime they open their mouths, they seem no more than mentally challenged brutes — but when it comes to size, strength and imposing appearance, they’re nigh-unparalleled.

Galvatron: Undertaker

Both of them rock purple, are immensely overpowered and impervious to harm.

Omega Supreme: Andre the Giant

“Revenge: soon. Choke slam anticipation: high. Vengeance: GOOD!” Both Omega Supreme and Andre the Giant are legendary for their size, strength and ability to drink 119 beers in a six hour timespan.

Shockwave: Triple H

Shockwave’s G1 description bills him as, “[seeing] emotion as a weakness and a distraction. His cold and calculating modus operandi is supported by his frightening and exceptionally powerful form” — the perfect kindred spirit for pro wrestling’s more foremost “Cerebral Assassin.”

Spike and Sparkplug Witwicky: Tully and Arn

Tully can be fiery and impetuous and always seems to get himself in jams. Arn is workman like and no nonsense. When he speaks everyone listens. They work together perfectly and though they can find individual success, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.


Did we miss any obvious comparisons? Want to share some Transformers/Pro Wrestling counterpart comparisons of your own? Sound off in the comments.

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