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Say goodbye to Marvel movies on Netflix — Disney wants its own streaming service

Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Disney giveth, and Disney taketh away. The media conglomerate that helped the Marvel Cinematic Universe come to life now wants to make sure you can access it only through them.

Cord-cutters rejoiced when it was announced that, starting in September of 2016, new Marvel movies, after leaving theaters, would exclusively be available on Netflix, the world’s most ubiquitous streaming service and make-cable-obsoleter. It’s safe to say that honeymoon is over.

The bombshell that all Marvel, Disney, Star Wars and even Pixar films will be pulled from Netflix by the end of 2018 was dropped during Disney’s earnings report today, as the hungry giant will be instituting its own streaming service in 2019 (although Marvel and Star Wars may end up somewhere else entirely). In preparation for their new position in global sensory domination, Disney recently paid $1.58 billion for a majority stake in BAMTech, a streaming video company created by Major League Baseball.

Despite all this, CNBC reports that Marvel’s gritty, grounded TV shows like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Defenders, set to debut in less than two weeks, will remain at Netflix. And we coulda had a Punisher/Frozen crossover. There is no silver lining here.


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